Do folicle stim. horomones affect your Luteal phase?
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ginger6363 - October 18

I have a question for some of you that have done more than one cycle with Femara (or Clomid)---does it affect your avg. luteal phase? Mine is usually about 10 days, and I was wondering if I should expect AF around that time or not


linds99 - October 18

Hi ginger- Your luteal phase is "within the norm" of 10-16 days, (but I've read a healthy one is at 14-16 days for several reasons). Has your doctor talked about progesterone therapy with you? I say this because they have found some women implant late, like around day 9-10 and that could be a real inhibitor for you if your uterus starts contracting and having AF come at day 10. Perhaps you can inquire with your doctor about taking progesterone suppositories after confirmed ovulation if you aren't doing that? I'v been on clomid for the last three cycles and I have seen it wear down the lining of my uterus by the time ovulation comes around, so they put me on progesterone and etrodial pills that I literally put inside my vagina to help build up the lining. A 10 day luteal phase may not be enough time for your body to build up the uterine lining and maybe when it does, it sloughs off too early. I would consider your luteal phase issue important enough to talk with your doctor about. You really want to create the most ideal situation for an embryo as possible.


linds99 - October 18

I want to add that my luteal phase, before clomid was always 15 days, and after the last three-medicated cycles, it remains at 15 days. So in my case, my luteal phase was not altered by meds/hormone therapy.


ginger6363 - October 18

Thanks, linds. I have thought about the fact that my luteal phase is only 10 days, but I haven't brought it up with my doctor. (As you guessed, I am not on Progesterone.) If things don't work this cycle, I will definitely consider asking my doctor about it. Thanks, for the info! Oh, but does the clomid affect the length of your luteal phase?


ginger6363 - October 18

duh! you posted your answer to my question as I was retyping it. Thanks, linds.


linds99 - October 18

I can see how clomid could alter progesterone levels (which are dominant during the luteal phase) and cause a woman to be estrogen dominant througout the cycle. Really, this sounds like an issue that your doctor needs to scrutinize with you. Maybe that is your main inhibitor. You need progesterone to build up that blood engorged, rich uterine lining for the embryo, and if your body isn't producing adaquate amounts, your embryo is going to have a hard time to implant. Progesterone is also important for sustaining early pregnancy, avoiding miscarriage, until the placenta takes over and produces it.



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