discharge after period is over...
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MuzikGurl - January 13

Hi again...it's me once again...ok, now I finished my AF about 2 or 3 days ago and I'm still having brown discharge when I wipe only. I had this before AF started but, now I'm having it again....so, I am just wondering if anyone has gone through this before...or any thoughts on it...it's not bothering me but, I know it's not normal...or is it??? any ideas or thoughts is appreciated...thanks!


me - January 13

It could just be some residual stuff due to hormones. Is it normal for you? Maybe your body is a little off thismonth and needs a few extra days to finish up. Just don't take any aspirin or have sex yet, because it can make the lining thinner than it is and keep discharging brown. The sperm has prostaglandins init and it does the same thing. That is what my dr said to me when it happened to me. Hope it goes away soon. Good luck.


MuzikGurl - January 14

Hi me, no this is not normal for me. For the past three days my temps have been 98.0, 98.1, and 98.2 in not in that order...I mean I'm on CD10 now I mean, my temps haven't been this high ever...is it normal to come off AF and ur temps sky rocket like this? This is my first time charting so I'm not sure. about having sex, well...DH and I BD'ed on CD1, 7, and 9. Meanwhile I'm still having discharge. I see my ob/gyn on the 19th at 1pm...but, just wondering if it's ok to be going through what I am going through...now, another question could it be some meds. I'm on right now...I've been taking Vicodin for the past week or so now because I had my wisdom teeth pulled out (2 at one time) and I'm still having some pain through out the day and I'm taking 3 5/500mg. at a time...I take about maybe anywhere from 6-9 maybe 12 a day. Could the medication mess me up too? I'm beginning to test for ovulaiton today because I'm starting to cramp now. While on AF I didn't cramp hardly...and now I'm also starting to have mild puking feeling...and lately alot of acid reflux....is this normal too? I haven't changed my diet or anything so I don't know what's causing this...could it be the medication also??? any thoughts or suggestions or ideas or whatever is very greatly appreciatedd..thanx!!! and plenty of Baby Dust to everyone!



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