Disappearing Cyst???
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ann - February 4

well---i have been taking some pain reliever that the dr. recomended---the pain is better but i am so scared it will come back. i have pcos and they never really bothered me---just once every 3 years or so. ---so when i felt pain i got scared that it ruptured (which i hear is not the best thing for cysts). the dr.said it was probably began to hurt real bad because i have been under alot of stress lately.......that is true-.--this inferitily stuff has really brought me down. it started to hurt thursday - i remember the night before i cried for hours -argued with my husband because i need more support...and BAM---the cyst started hurting thursday---but today the pain is much better---hopefully it will not hurt anymore!


patty - February 6

wow ! ann---your story sounds just like mine. in fact i also posyed a question. my left side doesnt hurt so much but now i feel alot of pressure-bloating sometimes cramps(when i think about the cysts too much ). i am scared --has anyone ever felt like this -HOW LONG DOES THIS UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING LAST ? ohhhhh---to soimpatient---what did you dr think about this all? how long did you have pain for ?sorry to be annoying---good luck !


soimpatient - February 6

I go to the gyn today and I'll let you know what he says.


soimpatient - February 6

Ok. so here's the verdit from the gyn. It is possible for large cysts to "disappear". The reason I am still experiencing pain is because my ovary is still trying to heal. He compared it to a blister healing. I have to go for another ultrasound on Feb. 16 and I won't get the results until the 22nd. He said if there aren't any signs of a cyst I can resume TTC.


patty - February 6

thanks soimpatient for keeping me informed---does the cyst still hurt-how long has it been hurting for ? and what kind of pain is it ? THANKS !!!!!!!


soimpatient - February 6

The cyst has been bothering me for about a month. The pain was mild, then severe (when I suspect it ruptured) and now the pain is moderate. It feels like a toothache...you know, that aching feeling when a nerve is exposed. That is the best way I can describe it. My gyn said that once a cyst has ruptured the pain can stick around anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Hopefully (for both of us) the pain will let up soon so we can get to making some babies :)


patty - February 7

thank you so much impatient will all the details ! thank you-thank you- thank you! BUT just one more question---did you fel very bloated ? heavy -every once in a while -a cramp feeling like gas ? thanksssssssssssssss !


soimpatient - February 7

I definitely felt bloated and very heavy! I don't recall having any gas like cramps though.



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