Disappearing Cyst???
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soimpatient - January 26

I was diagnosed with a 7cm complex cyst and i went in for an ultrasound because i was having pain and now the cyst is gone. Is this normal? Is it okay to resume ttc?


Mega - January 26

Yes, there are some cysts that do a disappearing act on their own, however, I'm quite surprised that 1 as big as you had went away on its own. That's encouraging. I'd imagine you're okay to start TTC again, but to be safe I'd double check with your dr 1st. I'm glad it went away on its own. Take care!


soimpatient - January 26

I was also very surprised that it went away. I was in a great deal of pain so I thought I would need surgery for sure.


patty - January 27

wow ! thats great !...how long in between the ultrasounds untill the cysts dissapperared ? did you have any usual bleeding or pain? how did the cyst just flush out ? what did the dr think ? did you do any diet changes ? just curios because i also have cysts and would just love if they went away by themselves!


donna - January 27

yeah thats perfectly normal, feel free to ttc, good luck


soimpatient - January 27

I had an ultrasound Jan. 16 (Showed cyst) and one on Jan 26 (which did not show a cyst). I did not change my diet. I had some bleeding which I thought was my period because I had not gotten one since Nov. 22nd. I don't think that the cyst is flushed out because I am still feeling some pain/pressure in my RLQ area. The doctor was very surprised because my cyst was so large and he did not have an answer. I have to wait to see the specialist on Feb. 6th. I will post his explanation as soon as I get it.


soimpatient - January 27

p.s. A friend told me that I might need a D&C (I don't know anything about them though)


patty - January 28

hi-can youlet us knew what your specialist says because-i have some cysts on my left and right ovary---i just had af 2 weeks ago and got it again--it is lighter and different. i have had cysts that went away in the past-if i remember correclty the irregular bleeding could be the cyst draining....i dont knew...this ttc thing had gooten me so consumed i cant remember anything !


soimpatient - January 28

I will definitely let you know what the gyn says. I'm pretty consumed as well. Its all I think about.


Bubblesofjoy65 - January 28

Could be PCOS> Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I have that where I have multiple tiny cysts that line my ovaries. I had a ultrasound in August, of which my OB/GYN Said he didn't see any cysts. My dh and I have been ttc since may 05 consistantly and off and on since 02 when i miscarried. ..I am now on Metformin.


jen - February 2

wow ! can a cyst really dissappear with bleeding ? what do the drs think about this ?


Mega - February 2

I don't know if the cysts disappear with the bleeding per se, but sometimes AF is held up by a cyst & once it disappears on it's own (how, I don't know), AF will then show up. There's only 1 or 2 types of cysts though that can be affected by AF. That's my understanding at least. I had a cyst back in Sept. that held off AF & then went away on its own. Definitely weird how that works.


ann - February 3

has anyone had a cyst rupture ? what does it feel like ? and also i as wondering why is it at times that these cyst hurt so much that we bend over in pain and then we go months not even feeling them ? does anyone ever get pain from their cysts or just me ? i am having alot of pain now it shots from my back area to my left leg---is that normal? i cant even remember what is normal it has been months since i had this kind of pain due to my cysts.


Mega - February 3

The cyst back in Aug. caused me some very intermittent pain. Usually just cramping & periods of lower back pain almost flank (kidney) pain. My little PCOS cysts however don't usually do much other than occassional twinge of crampy pain from time to time that I used to think was OV pain. I've never had one rupture (that I know of) but from what I understand it's like your worst cramps intensified. Terribly painful. Ann, how long has this pain been going on? You might want to get it check out. Ask your dr at your next appt. or something. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.


ann - February 3

it has been since yesterday that i have had the light pain that feels like a kidney pain. i wonder-if i take some motrin or advil if that will help or make things worse ?


soimpatient - February 3

Ann, when my cyst ruptured I had the exact pain that you described. I went to the hospital because i was in a great deal of pain. The doctors gave me tylenol 3 and sent me to get an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that the cyst was gone. The docs told me to use advil or tylenol to treat the pain. After one week the pain is almost completely gone. If you are very concerned, I recommend calling your doctor. I hope this helps.


ann - February 4

well---i have been taking some pain reliever that the dr. recomended---the pain is better but i am so scared it will come back. i have pcos and they never really bothered me---just once every 3 years or so. ---so when i felt pain i got scared that it ruptured (which i hear is not the best thing for cysts). the dr.said it was probably began to hurt real bad because i have been under alot of stress lately.......that is true-.--this inferitily stuff has really brought me down. it started to hurt thursday - i remember the night before i cried for hours -argued with my husband because i need more support...and BAM---the cyst started hurting thursday---but today the pain is much better---hopefully it will not hurt anymore!



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