Dip in BBT, with light spotting, ?
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Katy - January 30

I have been charting my BBT for the past 45 days (cycle length). I was so hoping to be pregnant this month but this morning i had a low temp (97.3) and i have some light spotting. Normally my AF is full blown even on the first day. Could this be something besides AF? I have felt nausea yesterday and a couple of other days last week and my breasts are a litte sore today. Any information would be great. I have not tried a pregnancy test as i am afraid of the results.


katy - January 30

never mind the AF started. bummer :(


Mega - January 30

I'm sorry. That's always a let down. Hang in there. Pamper yourself today. Are your cycles always 45 days? Is this your first cycle charting? Keep it up. It's a pain in the rear, but you can still learn lots of useful things, find out your body's patterns, etc. Good luck. Hang in there!



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