Difficuty in geting pregnent
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Sachu George - March 16

Hello every one, greetings from India!I am married for five years. I have poly cystic ovarian disease.We have a two year old daughter.We got her after a miscarriage, then hormone treatment and IUI.Now we want to have another child.I am on Ovafar 50mg for last three months.Only good thing happened is my periods became very regular now! But this month it came two days prior to my usual date for last two months. My doctor suggested me to continue Ovafar 100mg for three more months. We really want to have another baby.Is there any one with same condition? Do you think that I should again go back to laproscopy,hormone treatment,and IUI?Waiting for your suggestions and advices.

Sachu George.


Sachu - March 18

Hello are there any one with my rpoblem?


Hi Sachu - March 20

I am not really sure how to answer your question...I was originally diagnosed w/ PCOS following 2 years of unsuccessful conceiving..switched MD's due to insurance..who then told me that it was physically impossible to diagnose PCOS via ultrasound only..I have regular periods 28-34 days..so she suggested that that was not the problem..Upon further testing, it revealed that I had an antibody response to my husband's sperm..(basically, my body stopped them at the front door). The only way past this problem is via IUI, to bypass the CM. They also wanted to do a laperoscopy to check my tubes..( i became pregnant via IUI on try #2, but m/c at 6 weeks). I do not know all of your medical history or your age, but my suggestion would be to go down the same road you did when you became pregnant the first time. I hope you are successful! Good Luck to you in INDIA..from the US!


Sachu - March 20

Thanks to you anonymous friend.I am 30 years now. The antibody which you have mentioned is been ruled out as negative.My doctor did a laproscopy to puncture the cysts, after that through IUI #1, I got pregnant. But I was not put on Clomid in my first pregnency, she suggested to go for IUI straight away. As I am in a faraway place now, I am consulting a different doctor, she put me on Clomid .And we are waiting!! By the way, do you have kid by now? God bless.


Hi Sachu - March 22

Sorry, my name is Amy! I unfortuantely do not have any children as of yet. Still trying very hard for one! Hope everything works out ok for you. I have a few friends who were put on clomid and they now have healthy babies! So it does work for some. Hope it does for you too! Good luck!


Sachu - March 23

Hai, Amy, Are you trying for another IUI these days? I can undersand you really well Amy, as I know how this waitng will make you sad. I do pray for you, may God bless you with a beautiful, healthy kid soon. By the way my niece is also AMY!


nutan - July 29

i have been tried for pregnany for last 10 year i did ivf ,iui everything my left overy is look like bad nobody can tell what wrong in me i am 100% vegeterian no smoke, no drink



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