diet pills and getting pregnant
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heather - September 12

does taking diet pills make it hard to get pregnant . please some one help with my question...


to heather - September 19

I was using stacker2 when I got pregnant.


heather - September 19

how long were you taking stacker2 before you got pregnant? and have you had your baby? thank you


sorry heather - September 20

my husband is taking stacker2 and i'm going to the doctor i'll let you know what they say okbye heather i was going to ask the same q?


heather - September 20

okay thank you


sorry heather - September 20

i went to the doctor he said you should take "prenatal pills" prenatal pills can help not "diet pills" you need to be healthy for the baby and you GOOD LUCK......


heather - September 20

ok did he say if they can affect getting preggo? and if so how long would it take to get out of my system. & if preg does it affect the baby? thank you for all your help let me know what happens ok thanks again


SORRY HEATHER - September 20

no it not safe to take diet pills. just harm to your body. .....yes..... it can affect .take" prenatal " not diet pills lot love good luck heather


heather - September 20

thanks so much I'll take your advice and stop taking them...I planned on it anyways. I gess I just needed a little push.....


HEATHER - September 20

I have a friend who was ttc for 8 years and never once became pregnant. She took phentermine and lost about 30 pounds. She never imagined she would ever get pregnant because she hadn't in the last 8 years. Well she also has PCOS and very irreg periods. My friend was having alot of breast pain, she took a test and a BFP! She ended up pregnant while on the pills. She was about 6wks when she found out and stopped the pills right then. She had a great pregnancy and a very healthy, beautiful 9lb baby girl at the end of the 9 months. I am not saying you should take diet pills, I just wanted to share with you.


heather - September 20

hello thank you for sharring that with me. I no that your no doctor or anything but i'm 6 days late & I have takin 4 pregnancy tests and all bfn do you think that the diet pills could affect the test? Maybe ? I just wanted to know. and did thoughs pills have efeda? because mine do ....not sure if it makes a difference.. anyways please let me know and thank you


HEATHER - September 21

I really don't think diet pills would interfere in the hpt's. Phentermine is a prescription diet pill and it doesn't have ephedra. It is actually alot stronger then the ones with ephedra. If your not sure, I would have your Dr do a beta blood test just to be sure you are or are not pregnant. Hope that helps:)


heather - September 21




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