diet during IVF cycle??
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beth - December 11

I go in for a preg test Monday for my 1st IVF cycle (4 unsuccessful IUIs). I'm really nervous and I've been online almost every moment for the past week, driving myself completely crazy. I've been a vegetarian for about 10 years, but I occasionally eat fish and shrimp. I eat soy products and nuts and beans, but probably not enough. As I do more research, I find that women suggest eating lots of protein when ttc. I am struggling with this. Do I start eating meat??? I don't want to start today, because I don't know if my digestive system can handle it, but I want to do everything possible for a BFP. What should I do???


To: Beth - December 11

Hi Beth, a good person to ask would be a nutritionist or your doctor.


beth - December 11

I have talked to my dr. about it, but she says I'm okay on the veggie diet. But after researching, it looks like others have differing views. In terms of a nutritionist, I would want to find one who specialized in fertility. Do you think there is such a thing?


To beth - December 11

Having protein, don't mean you have to eat meat you get just as much protein in peanut butter then you do from hamburger. plus there are shakes and bars that also have it ......


beth - December 11

true...but i've been used to using soy to give me my protein, but now i'm finding out about the soy debate (with respect to women ttc) and i'm getting nervous. maybe i have to do more bars, shakes... and lay off the soy. thanks for the feedback. hopefully i'll make it to monday without driving myself absolutely insane. praying for bfp:)


Mary - December 12

I've heard a lot about soy and that you should cut back on it while ttc. I read this in the magazine "Conceive." Good luck.


Mega - December 12

Good luck Beth! I hope your pregnancy test today goes well & you get that BFP!


Justine - December 12

Beth - I had no special diet during my IVF-ICSI treatment (which worked) - just a pregnancy type diet and no caffeine or alcohol. I was told to drink 1 pint of milk a day which I did but don't know if it really helped. Can't do any harm though. Soy products are said to be bad for men ttc but I don't think diet makes much difference personally. I don't think there's any need to eat meat - just get a balanced diet. Good luck.



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