didnt ovulate this month. will af come at normal time?
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isa - November 29

I am cd16 and have not yet ovulated. Normally I ovulate around cd12 or 13. I am on no meds this cycle due to 4 large cysts on my left (clomid/injections 2 cyles prior) and chemical pregnancy the 2nd cycle. This cycle was cancelled due to the size of the cysts and a high estrogen level. Should I expect a regular length cycle, ie: af will come when she would normally or how would I estimate when af will show up. Does anyone know?


Alli - November 29

I think that I am in the same situation as you...I really don't think that I ovulated this month. I have been wondering the same thing about AF...I've been cramping for about 3 days now, but still no AF, so I'm really confused! I'm sorry that I'm not any help, but I completely relate to how you are feeling!!


karen - November 29

I HAVE READ THAT AF WILL COME AS USUAL. there are some months that woman do not ovulate and do not even knew about it because af came when it should.


Mega - November 29

I've heard the same thing Karen. But since you do have a some large cysts, depending on what type they are, it's also possible that AF may be delayed a bit, but when the cysts clear up then AF should arrive. I had a corpus leutem cyst my 2nd natural cycle after Clomid & AF was delayed for several weeks. Then one day it showed up, like almost a month after I got the progesterone shot, & they did a U/S and the cyst was gone. But I guess a corpus leutem cyst is really the only one that can affect AF. Good luck. I wish I could be of more help.


to mega - November 30

from isa - my cysts are the type that after the follicle released the egg it closed up instead of going away it became a cyst. Is that the same as the one that delayed af for you or a different type?


Mega - November 30

Isa, I think that's the same type of cyst that delayed my AF, but I'm not 100%. My cyst formed during a non medicated cycle so I wasn't having regular monitoring, I just discovered it when my RE did an u/s to find out why after the prog. shot I still wasn't on AF. He diagnosed it as a corpeus leutem cyst after the fact. But from what I've read, based on what you said it sounds like you may have that type of cyst too. Good luck, I hope it goes away quickly.


Mega - November 30

I just did a google search & it sounds like your cyst is a functional cyst, either a corpus luteum or a follicle cyst. Both I guess can cause delayed AF, but they shrink on their own. http://www.gyncancer.com/ovarian-cysts.html


isa - November 30

thanks Mega that was a great article and gave me some more insight.



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