didnt ovulate this month
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Deb - September 20

My body is like clock work....I have been using the Clear Blue Ovulation Test since June. I always ovulate on the 17th of every month. This month, I started testing a few days before, and nothing...kept on testing until today, nothing again..took a pg test and it was negative, and then a few hours later, it turned positive? I know you are not supposed to read the results after 10 minutes..took another one yesterday and it was negative..but my questions is this...why wouldnt my body ovulate this month? I have an appointment with my doctor this week..has this happend to anyone before? Im just confused because my husband and I have been trying for almost a year now, and I dont want to miss the most important day...any ideas would help! Thank you and baby dust to everyone!


me - September 20

Maybe you had an anovulatory cycle this month. One missed cycle is nothing to be concerned about. It occurs sometimes. If you miss it again and then a third time, it is time to get to a doctor and see what da dilly-o. Sometimes stress or other factors can contribute to it. Good luck at the drs.


CC - September 20

I think its common for everyone to have one cycle a year when you dont ovulate. Just what I have read and been told. Hope this helps!



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