Didn't ovulate with clomid????
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XYZ - August 19

I was on clomid(25mg) for the last cycle and i took to posgeterone blood to see whether i ovulated or not and unforunately i didnt ovulate and my menstruation started yesterday. Does anyone experienced like this?? Please share your experience or give me some tips.


KellyN - August 19

Wow, 25 mg is not much clomid. I think most of us are between 50 an 150 mg. Your doc may suggest you up the dosage??


Cendy - August 19

XYZ, I agree with KellyN. I am on 100mg this month and I had been on 50mg the past 4 months. Each month I ovulated according to my 21 day progesterone blood test and my OPK. I would ask my doctor to up my dose. Good luck to you!


XYZ - August 19

I am really glad to hear from you guys because i was worried and sad. Now i am eagerly waiting to start with 50mg of clomid from 5-9 days



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