Did your Mom conceive you on BCP&you're infertile?
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CJRA - July 25

This is an odd question, however I am trying to find out a possible link to infertility. My mom got pregnant with me >30 years ago while on "Orthonovum" birth control pills. Now, I'm going through infertility, as I don't make progesterone and do not ovulate. I'm wondering how many ladies out there have similar situations? Thanks for your feedback.


linds99 - July 26

CJRA, I can understand why you would suspect somewhat of a link. Maybe? I suggest doing a search on the internet to find if such relationship exists. If your problem now is that your body doesn't naturally produce progesterone (which is vital during the luteal phase), that is probably directly linked with the anovulation issue you have. Are you going to try Clomid, that should help you to develop a follicle(s) and get you over the mountain to the luteal phase, which then could be supplemented with progesterone treatments. If you are not even producing eggs, which is odd for someone young like you, clomid may help you. However, other hormones go in to play too, like your Luteneizing, Follicle Stimulating, estrodial, testosterone, estrogen. If all of these are not working harmoniously during the follicular phase (before ovulation) that is your main problem....Your body may not produce progesterone until those other hormones are aligned correctly. Good luck, I am positive that an RE will help you, you have age on your side.


CJRA - July 27

Hi Linds, I was on Clomid for 4 months last year, and now I'm on CD21 of my first IUI with Follistim/HCG injections. It's so weird that there are soooo many woman who are going through infertility, and I am one of them. I guess I was thinking along the lines of the drug DES, it was a drug back in the 1950's that women would take to stop preterm labor..now their children, and their children's children are being diagnosed with cervical / uterine cancer, and they are looking at all of the men out there that have testicular cancer and their mothers were on DES. Needless to say, after years of data collection, they took DES off the market. I though it would be enlightening to see any confirmed cases of individuals who are infertile and mom conceived while birth control. As for us....Now we wait until 8/4 to take the hpt. Thank you for chatting with me :) Have a great evening.


cdmrose - September 8

CJRA, I have never heard of such a link. However, my mother did conceive me on BCPs. My husband and I are TTC, and my doc just said I have low progesterone. However, my brother and 2 older sisters were also all conceived on BCPs (maybe she didn't take them as regularly as she should have?) Only one of my sisters has children and she conceived right away both times. My brother and other sis have not tried. Anyway hopefully I don't skew your results too much with this info!


andy - September 11

sorry I haven´t heard about such link , but I wasn´t ovulating and surely sucked at the progesterone production ... but this could be solved with different treatments ... I´m now at 11 weeks and my mom never took BCP , so I think its just a matter of timing , don´t u worry . you´ll get pg , ask your dr about Fostimon for ovulation and Geslutin for progesterone ... Goooood luck and baby dust !!!



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