did you ever think....
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robyn - March 27

That when you started this whole infertility process. I never thought they take this much blood from you every single time I go to the RE. I find this whole process very interesting. I just started Clomid this week after two months of a l ot of testing. See anxious to see what happens.


isa - March 27

I never knew I'd learn so much about infertility to the point that I seem to know more than some of the nurses they are now hiring ugh. Make sure you get ultrasounds to check your lining with the clomid. It thinned my lining so much both times I was on it that they had to supplement me with estrace to thicken my lining. Thinning of lining is a prime side effect of clomid and if its too thin you cant hold a pregnancy. He won't let me use it any more due to that. I'm just on injections now.


robyn - March 27

thank you for the input. I am supposed to go back on cd 12 for an ultrasound to see how everything is going. All my tests have been good so far I do have PCOS. I had an ultrasound on cd2 they said all looks good and we will try with clomid. How many times were you on clomid before they took you off of it.



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