Did not detect o this month, can i still get pregnant?
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rossgirl - March 28

Been using the peesticks but i didn't detect ovulation this month. it's always on day fourteen but not this time. i started testing on day 13 and have been since and here it is day 17. i've used two different tests and nothing. could i have possibly missed it? or maybe i didn't ovulate this month. we've been having sex everynight since day9. could it be possible that the egg came out before day 14 and got fertilized already and the peesticks don't detect it cuz i'm already pregnant? what's my possiblities here? thanks for the advice


Mega - March 28

It could be that any of the possibilities you mention above really (though probably not the pg one b/c there probably wouldn't have been enough time yet for you to generate enough HCG to register PG). Also, it could be just a late O. I'd suggest keep on testing for a few more days. If you don't end up Oing this cycle though try not to worry it's not unusual to not O for 1 cycle, it's when it becomes a repeated pattern that there is most likely a problem. HTH! Good luck!


Nikki - March 28

Are you charting your temps? It seems to be a good way of checking your ovulation for most people? If your not doing it already, maybe you should try fertilityfriend.com?



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