did metformin continue working?
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KeiraYvette - February 22

Hi ive got PCOS, after about 4 months on 500mg three times a day of metformin I got my first AF in 8 months.. but since then nothing again... im over a week late, did a HPT a few days ago and nothing but no sigh of AF. Just wondering for those that got AF back from metformin, did it continue working for the next month or take a while for cycles to get regular? I dont know what to think, if i am pregnant but hormone levels aren't high enough to be showing or ovaries r turning to cysts yet again... love to hear your stories!


KeiraYvette - February 23



Sara - February 28

Hi keira, I took metformin for about a year and I found it did regulate my cycles. Unfortunately I never got pregnant on it. I eventally stopped taking it b/c it didn't seem to work and plus it is a diabetic drug, God knows what it was doing to my other systems. (pancreas etc..) Good luck and lots of baby dust to you.


linds99 - February 28

Hi Keira, I have PCOS and also take metformin 2 times a day. I always got a period, but it came every 35 days instead of every 28 days...my whole life. Metformin hasn't done anything obvious to change things for me,but I am told it may help with egg quality...the months that you do actually release an egg. Some doctors won't even prescribe metformin if you aren't insulin resistant. But I'm not insulin resistant (and I am thin and have PCOS) and she still prescribed it to me. So every doctor's rational is different.


KeiraYvette - March 2

thats linds99.. my cycle ended up being 35 days instead of 28 days like it use to be (bit like you)... i have been able to loose weight on metformin where it was impossible for me to lose weight before even with a strict diet and exercise... but more concerned about the cycle part.. thanks for your stories, helps to hear of ppl in the same boat


linds99 - March 2

Keira, that is good. Maybe it is doing something for you, getting a period is a good start, I hope it comes now every month. Lots of women say they see the belly fat go fast while on it. I did notice though that when I was on clomid a few cycles, and then after that, I started getting AF every 28 days. I want to say that I probably got a period with PCOS the years before I discoverd infertility probably because I eat a lot of fruits and vegatables and stay away from high fat and artificial foods, which I have read are very bad for PCOSers. I also read that drinking coffee is bad for PCOS patients taking metformin, as the tanic in coffee may raise the homocystein levels in the body. So try staying away from coffee and alcohol while taking metformin. Good luck Keira, keep me posted on your ttc journey.


KeiraYvette - March 3

linds99 yeah Im on a low GI diet and dont drink coffee anyway.... yeah i figured out the hard way that alcohol doesnt mix with metformin.. had a few drinks one night and spent the whole weekend extremely sick, so avoid it now..
Yeah Im finding now that im average a kilo a week (loss) even if Im too busy with work to exercise, so happy about that.. after years of it being impossible to loose weight..
Hopefully the cycles become regular. linds99 did u fall with metformin? or clomid?


Lynn - March 4

hi girls....i wish to give you some hope... after 3+ years of infertility, a m/c and an ectopic pregnancy, i was put on metformin Oct 2006. i was diagnosed with PCOS in 2000. i am happy to report after loosing 28lbs and taking met for 7 months....i did get pregnant. my cycles went from 35+ days to 28 exactly. i got pregnant May 2006, took met unitl 12 weeks pregnant and gave birth on Jan 31st to a happy, healthy little girl. there is hope and i hope you all have success. best of luck and baby dust to each.


linds99 - March 4

Hi Keira, nothing worked for me! I had to do IVF to get pregnant. I did one round of clomid 50 mg (day 5-9) and two IUI after HCG trigger shot back to back and then 2 more cycles of Clomid 100 mg and two IUIs back to back....and nothing. I think that clomid doesn't work well for PCOSers. I produced really good follicles on this medication, first cycle had 5 that were 18-20+ mm, and the next two I developed 2 good ones, and still nothing (and I released them too based on the ultrasound)...so that was all frustrating. So I had enough and went to IVF and got pregger the first shot, but lost the baby at 8-1/2 weeks. I have been taking metformin since last October and didn't get pregnant on it myself, alone, but I have read some women do get pregnant with PCOS and metformin. I can't lose weight because I already am 5'5" and only weigh 125 lbs. So I felt stuck. But I did read that it is harder for thin cysters to get pregnant than heavier PCOSers. Who knows? We're all very different.



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