did I miss the window for IUI/ LH surge??
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eden - May 13

Hello there. My RE called to day stating that I surged and I am scheduled for an IUI tomorrow at 11. This is my first month with injections and I had an ultrasound today demonstrating five follicles 24, 24, 24, 22, 19. I am soooo bloated and have a pain in my kidney. I usually get this when I ovualate. This started late this afternoon. Do you think I ovulated early and will 11 be too late tomorrow. Should I get an ultrasound tomorrow. Help!!!


NatashaV - May 14

Hi eden, It sounds to me like you're just fine for timing. Remember..the egg lasts 12-24 hours once it's been released. Best of luck with your IUI!


aish - May 15

hi eden...so ho'z ur IUI ?


eden - May 15

Well my situation actually went from bad to WORSE!! I originally thought I was ovulating early because my body was feeling wierd. However when I went in to have the IUI done, my RE asked when I did the HCG. I replied that the nurse at his office called and told my dh that I had surged and to come in the next day for IUI. I hadn't surged apparently, they went a head with the IUI, I had to do the HCG shot last night and I go in for another IUI tomorrow morning. Obviously I am not getting charged for the IUI's, but I was soooooooooooooo upset because of the mix up. I am sure this cycle is a bust. My follicles were huge 3 days ago it will be 4 days tomorrow so I am sure they are gone??? Very upsetting. My dh has a low sc and his #'s of course were the highest when we were too early for the IUI. Ahhhhhhhhhh!



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