Did I Miss The Boat?? Please HELP!
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sherry - November 4

ok, i got the darkest line i have seen yet, yesterday, and since i had drank water i figured it a definate ++, being that i also had a cramp, which i get, and had more EWCM, then i normally ever have (though not alot), it was stretchy and just right, so i planned on BD-ing last night. so..we did, but i noticed right before hand, i felt a bit drier, and the discharge was a bit more sticky, and not stretchy, at that particular second. i could only check once. anyway, we bd-ed 2x's (which i don't think helps my chances, but hubby likes to go more then 1 round), and that was that. iam unsure if i missed my "o" time by waiting till the evening to BD, but i had no choice, dh was at work. anyway, today i felt my cervix and it feels more open and softer, then yesterday morning, so iam unsure of what is going on here. should i BD again tonight, or did i somehow miss the boat, since the EWCM is really there anymore. too confusing, my body tells me one thing then does another. help! we didn't bd the night before. hugs, sherry


sherry - November 4



Jen - November 4

Sherry - i'm sure you bd at the right time. if you got a dark test line yesterday you would have ovulated within the next 12-36 hours. i'm not sure about the sticky cm but if your cervix is still open, i would definitely bd again today just to make sure. good luck and baby dust.


Ericka - November 4

It sounds to me as rhough your timing was right on. To be sure ake another opk. I always get a + for about 3 days before I O. If it's still + then bd some more. Good Luck.


Mega - November 4

As for the EWCM, even though you only had it that one time, it still sounds like you were right on with your timing. I agree with the previous posters on that. I have EWCM (for the 1st time ever!) this cycle, the afternoon after I took the trigger shot but a good 16 hours before my IUI. I was all worried about missing my eggie, so I asked my RE and he said it was highly unlikely I missed my window. I know your situation is different (I gather you didn't take a trigger shot) but I still think EWCM is more like an indicator that you have an approx. 24 hour window or something like that. I could be wrong, but that's what I gathered. So I think you're good! But as Jen & Ericka said, keep on keeping on with the BD! Tire your DH out!!!


sherry - November 5

got me some again last night. thanks girls. u=it was like pulling teeth cause dh was "tired", but i pushed and pushed, till i got my way. who'd ever of thought a woman would be begging a man for sex, lol? thanks for the info ladies **baby dust to all**


to sherry - November 5

always bd the night you get your positive on opk and every 36 hours if normal sperm counts (but only once at a time not 2x's) ofr the next few days. Egg can last up to 3 days and your egg is normally released 12 to 36 hours after your positive opk so basically plan on several days of bd not just one. I read an article that you only have a 5% chance of getting pg if you only bd on ovulation day.


ok - November 5

Who say egg can last up to 3 days? Some day 12 hrs where other said 24 hrs.



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