Did his sperm reach my egg??
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Allie - October 31

Hi Ladies! This is my second month using the CBE monitor. This morning I ovulated (little egg). My hubby and I bd this morning once I got my reading. Since we were getting ready for work, I didn't have time to sit with my legs up in the air. I had just gotten up. Nothing came out (sperm) at the time, but about 10 min later I felt a little bit leaking here and there as I was walking around. About 40 min. later I went to pee and there was quite a bit of sperm or semen that leaked out. Is it possible that his sperm reached my egg or does it sound like it ALL came out?? Any info. would be helpful. Thanks.


.. - October 31

whatever is gonna get through the cervix and into your uterus does so within a few minutes...most of it (whats gonna get through) does so at the moment of ejaculation. what is leaking out is excess seminal fluid.


Allie - October 31

.. - thank you for the info.



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