Did anyone use FertilAid and preseed, does it help?
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Elina - November 9

Hi to all of you :) I am 24 and my hubby is 26 years old..we're trying to concive for 6 months and so far nothing..I used fertilty blend for 4 moths and he took it for 3mothns ..nothing happened...Now we ordered Fertilty Aid + preseed and will see what happens...This waiting and wanting game is killing me ...I will keep you guys updated ,,,I WISH WE ALL STAY PREGNANT SOON :):) PLS GOD


Lisa - November 9

Hi, I use preseed and Vitex. Hope to be pregnant this month too! Good Luck and lots of baby dust!


len - December 27

Hi Elina. I tried fertile aid and it did not work. Try Ovulex. I tried it and got pregant b4 using the third bottle.



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