Did anyone spot on Metformin?
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hopeful06 - February 2

I know there is another post on Metformin, but it's so long I thought I'd start a new one.....I was put on met last monday (10/11 days now??) to induce ovulation. I went off of the pill after 4 years and have only had 2 periods in the 7 months since I went off! Did anyone else on Metformin experience spotting 4 days into the treatment? I'm a little confused as to whether this was my period or maybe something else? The spotting was very light--not like a normal flow for me at all--and brownish in color. Does anyone know what this means?? I would appreciate your help! Thanks.


hopeful06 - February 2

I should probably mention that the spotting lasted for 5 days.... I don't know if this means anything...... Thanks again.


Mega - February 2

I've been on Metformin since July '05 & personally I haven't experienced spotting on it. I've heard spotting can indicate low progesterone levels. I'd guess it's probably your AF. Have you Ov'ed at all lately? It couldn't be PG-related, could it? Are you tracking Ov at all? Either OPKs, charting, etc? I suppose too it could be related to the Metformin, maybe the 1 s/e I didn't personally experience on it. :) I HTH! Good luck.


hopeful06 - February 2

Mega....Thanks for your input!! To answer your question, I haven't been tracking ovulation since I haven't had a regular period since coming off of the pill. My doctor said that the metformin should make me ovulate though--how long does it take to do that? If it did make me ovulate right away, pregnancy is a possibility, but I think it would be too early to tell......what do you think? I don't have any signs of anything right now--no spotting, no tenderness, pains, etc.... I hate to be too optimistic that the met made me ovulate immediately--I don't want to be disappointed again!! Thanks & good luck to you too!


Mega - February 2

You're welcome. I wish I knew more about Met. :) I've been taking Met coupled with Clomid for several months now & this 6th round of Clomid was the only one I didn't O on. But from what I've heard if Met does regulate your cycle & help you Ov it most likely would take a month or two I'd say. So while I hope you're PG, I don't want to give you false hope. Do you have PCOS? Is that why you were put on Met? Are you insulin resistant? I don't believe I am, but I do have PCOS & polycystic ovaries too. Keep me posted!


hopeful06 - February 2

Thanks again mega.....As far as I know, I don't have PCOS, but all of the info I have found about met links it with PCOS. I'm not sure about the insulin resistance either--I don't think I am, but I had a blood test done last monday to check it. I have another appointment with my doctor on the 27th and she said she would go over the results of the new testing with me then & I'm going to ask about PCOS. Until that time, I guess I just wait! Can you tell me anything about OPK's and charting? Have you been doing this? Also, I've heard people say they check their cervix....This is a little embarrassing to ask, but how do you do this? I guess it wouldn't hurt for me to cover all the bases....


Mega - February 3

You're absolutely right, it's always good to cover all the bases. I'd guess since you're on Metformin your dr suspects you might have PCOS, that would be my guess. Unfortunately there's no difinitive test that says you definitely have it or you don't. It's a weird thing. And drs are mixed about prescribing Met if you don't have insulin resistance. The blood panel you just had done I'm sure includes IR, FSH, lipids all that fun stuff. I hope it comes back "all good" for you. Yes, I did use OPKs & I charted for a few months. The OPKs didn't do much for me, weren't real reliable, but that could be b/c of my PCOS. But the charting went fine after I started Ov on Clomid. Obviously. I have a link to a really good site that explains about charting, checking your cervix, checking CM, all that gross but useful TTC stuff. I'll find it & post it for you. I never could get myself to check cervix position, but I did do the CM too. But I never had good CM, go figure!


Mega - February 3



Mega - February 3

http://www.webwomb.com/check_cervical_position.htm (this one discusses CP in detail). As always, get rid of the dashes in the links, & it should work. Leave the underscores (_) in though. Hope these sites help. Good luck.


hopeful06 - February 3

Mega...I really appreciate all of your time and help! It's great coming on here and feeling like I have someone to talk to about this stuff. I really can't talk to anyone else about it--my dh is really funny about people knowing we're "having problems." I think he feels responsible even though it's not his fault. I'm going to check out the links right now and see if I can educate myself a little more about this stuff. Again, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help! You have been a Godsend!! Baby dust.....


Gina Rodriguez - March 16

YES! This same thing is happening to me right now! I have no clue why it is doing this! I just searched on the internet to see what the deal is! Did you ever find out?



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