Did anyone get pg the first month on Clomid?
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momma2b - July 27

Hi, I am on CD 12 today after my first round of Clomid, taken on days 3-7. I was just wondering if there are any sucess stories out there?? Please share!


Lucky - July 27

Hi momma. I don't have a success story yet but I am also on my 1st month w/ clomide days 3-7 on CD6! Hopefully we will both report back our 1st month on chlomid success stories back on here! Baby dust...


linds99 - July 27

I just finished my first round of Clomid cycle (due for AF about Saturday)...I was on 50 mg on cycle day 5-9 and did two IUIs back to back on cycle day 15 and 16 following a trigger shot on cycle day 14 (night). I was not successful this month...however, I just want to say that I read that if you do clomid on cycle day 3-7, it seems those women tend to get pregnant more often then the ones that do it on cycle day 5-9...so that is good for you momma2b. I plan on upping my clomid dosage this month to 100 mg and doing the IUIs again with the shots and starting it on cycle day 3-5 as you had, hopefully with more success. Good luck to you guys this month though, I hope it works for you!


Tracy88 - July 28

My older sister got PG on her second cycle of clomid, no IUI. So, if it doesn't work the first month, try not to be discouraged. If it doesn't work after the third month, get further testing done before continuing with it. What kind of testing and such have you had so far?


momma2b - July 28

I had a hsg last month - no blockage, everything looked great. I took Prometrium for 12 days to bring on AF, and to bring progesterone level up.


Deby - July 28

Hi momma. I got pregnant on my first month of Clomid 50mg taken on cycle day 5-9. I guess I just needed that extra little puch. I am now 8 months pregnant..so it can happen! Good luck. Let me know how you make out!


momma2b - August 1

Thanks Deby, I will.



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