did anyone gain weight from LAPOROSCOPY?
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liz - March 25

i was talking to one of my freinds that has had laparocopy and she mentioned to me that she gained 15 pounds after lap. --is that true or maybe did she eat a bit too much ! since i will be also getting lap i am curious--i knew for a few days you may feel bloated but is it true about the weight gain ? since i am a bit overweight already that concerns me !


Angie - March 27

liz, I had laparoscopy in January 17 and yes, I have gained weight....about 5 lbs. But I am not sure it is because of the laparoscopy. I had a Lupron shot in December 22 and one of the sideeffect of this shot is weight gain. So I am not sure what made me gain weight. By the way, I am usually considered the skinny one. Good luck to you on your laparoscopy.



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