diagnosed with endometreosis
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billsgirl - April 12

last year i went to the doctor to fing out why my periods were so painful and heavy. after i answered some questions and had an internal ultrasound done i was scheduled for a laporoscopy. my dr was horrible. he didnt tell me what it was or anyhthing. after i woke up from the surgery he was gone. i couldnt even ask questions. to make a long story short, i ened up moving out of town. i had to go to a new obgyn. i told he r about the surgery. she got the info from my old doctor and told me he found "a litle" endometreosi. now, since i had a laporoscopy, does this mean he took care of it? i am trying to concieve and having no luck. i wonder if it is because of the endo


linds99 - April 12

I'm sorry that your doctor was such a moron. Terrible bedside manner. Anyway, my advice for you is to seek a good reproductive endocronoligist (get a referral from your gynecogist) because if you are having problems conceiving, you have known endometriosis history, and you also had laproscopy (which in itself can leave scar tissue) you really need to have an HSG test done where they view the uterus and fallopian tubes by injecting iodine in order to look for blockages. Alot of women with endometriosis get laproscopy done and then they are fine, conceive within a six month period of the lap. However, if it has been longer than that and still you have not conceived, I would be proactive about seeing an RE. Good luck.


jg - April 12

If the doctor found endometriosis then it most likely would hve been removed at the time. However (like me) it can return very easily for some people. I am about to have my 5th laparoscopy to remove endo. GOOD LUCK.


MsMonet - April 13

JG-Is the Lap painful? How long before going to work?


billsgirl - April 13

thankyou for your aswer linds and jg.


jg - April 13

MsMonet I think it depends on what they find..........the first lap I had, they said they found so much wrong with me that they just investigated in that surgery, and re-scheduled to fix the problems in my next one. The recovery fromt he investigative surgery wasn't too bad - 3 days off work plus weekend, but the next one where they fixed things really knocked me around and I needed the full week off work. It probably depends on the individual, but I would suggest at least 2-3 days off work are needed.



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