Diagnosed w/ PCOS & a tilted uterus today. =[
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kristine-- - September 18

I have my first consultation next week [Sept. 24, 2008] & am wondering the questions I should be asking my OB/Gyn at this appt. Thanks in advance.


comommy - September 18

See if they can do a clomid challenge and u/s to test for ovulation reserve to see if you may be able to ovulate on your own. Also, in future, if probs ttc, metformin may regulate your cycles if you don't ovulate on your own, and may make clomid, if you go on it, it may make clomid more effective and depending on your age, it may make eggs more higher quality


BeckyBunny - September 18

Tilted uterus makes NO difference with conception and pregnancy. I have both as well. Metformin (glucophage) helped me a LOT. I miscarried 3 times with trouble conceiving each time, before being diagnosed with PCOS, then went on the Metformin. I was on it and bcp for 7 months, then went off the bcp and got pregnant on our 3rd cycle off. Stayed on the metformin and progesterone supp through the first tri, and what do you know, our bean stuck. Now I'm 36w5d and literally about to pop, my cervix is good and ready and we're just waiting. Ask your GYN about metformin. It truly can help. Give it about 6 months before starting clomid, clomid does not always help and is not always necessary. You have to give yourself a chance first. Metformin helps many people within 3 months of starting it, but by 6 months taking it, it will have accomplished everything it's going to. I know that 6 months seems like a long time, but it may not take even that long with the metformin, and even if it does...it's all worth it in the end.


kristine-- - September 18

COMOMMY: thanks for your reply! i'm 21yo & my mother will be coming w/ me to my appt. at this point, i'm really discouraged about ttc, so i'm going to wait a while to do so, but i will not be taking bc pills. i've heard, in some cases, it can make it even harder to conceive & w/ pcos, i don't want to make it any harder than it apparently already will be. thanks! BECKYBUNNY: thanks for your reply! congrats on the little one! what are you having [boy of girl]? your first? wow! i'm glad the bc pills helped in your favor! i just know my luck =[, so i won't be going there.


BeckyBunny - September 18

I think it depends on what kind of BCP you take...that's why there are so many, different ones just don't work well for different people. I went on ortho when I was 15 and hated it, so got switched to Yasmin (which was pretty much brand new at the time!) And that's what I took any time I needed to be on BC after that. It always did great for me, it does well for a lot of people with PCOS. Not necessary to take though, I just took it because after my third miscarriage and being diagnosed with PCOS, we needed to take a while to figure out what we wanted to do. We're having a girl.


BeckyBunny - September 18

Oh, and I'm 21 as well. ;-) Just turned 21 a couple weeks ago. No big drinking party for me, hehe.


lydeats - September 18

Kristine if it helps my dr told me 1 in 5 women have a tilted uterus and has no real problem with conception and usually rights inself during pregnancy. I can say with IVF, having a tilted uterus can make the transfer more difficult. With me they had to use a plastice "sleeve" to help get to where they needed to go. And I also heard an ideal position for intercourse is "doggie" style although probably a little more uncomfortable than a women with a non tilted uterus, it supposedly helps the sperm get to where it needs to go. (hope that was not tmi). I have no advice about PCOS (sorry). You do have youth on your side...I'm 36 so it could be worse. Good luck sweetie! Congrats beckybunny.....i know you are excited.


kristine-- - September 19

BECKYBUNNY - congrats again! what's your daughter's name? you give me so much hope! thank you for that. LYDEATS - thanks for your advice! i will be taking full advantage of that info once i bring up the courage to ttc.


kristine-- - September 19

P.S. - i've also had a m/c. last year at 8w5d's, but i don't think i had pcos then. i know i didn't in may 2008. i'm thinking at that time [may 2008], i had a bicornate uterus [the u/s tech asked while she was performing my vag sono if the doc told me i had a bicornate uterus].


BeckyBunny - September 21

Kristine, have you talked to your doctor about the bicornate uterus? It can be difficult to maintain pregnancy with that condition, I know. People still do it though. I'm not sure about the statistics on that, how much it really hinders your chances. Definitely discuss it with your doctor when you get a chance. Miscarrying once is heartbreaking enough, you don't need to have to go through it multiple times...though so many of us do...it's all worth it in the end. Our little girl's name will be Liliana Page. And yes, she will be our first child...I missed that question last time. 3 angels in heaven, but here soon I'll get to keep one with me on earth. ;-)


kristine-- - September 23

BECKY - the bicornate uterus was just confirmed. don't know why the doc said it was a tilted uterus. BEAUTIFUL NAME FOR YOUR DAUGHTER!

today, i got some news. i'm so upset.

I found out on the 17th of this month that I have PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome] >> thanks to my radiology doctor's office.

I went to the ER in May of this year complaining of abdominal pain. They automatically assumed I had an ovarian cyst, so they took me down to have a vaginal sonogram done LOOKING FOR CYSTS. I get no word of a cyst. Was told that it was just stress. So naturally, I assume there are none.

W/ the diagnosis I just received last week, I decided to go back to the hospital to retrieve my record of that day & my images from the sonogram. On the paper, it CLEARLY states I have "multiple small follicular cysts", but nothing was said to me! Had they told me back in May, I would have started this process [going to all these doc's & taking all these meds] MONTHS AGO.

There has to be something I can do.


BeckyBunny - September 27

UGH! I hate people in the medical field sometimes! They do stuff like that a lot! ESPECIALLY in the ER. Mostly it's just bad communication between departments or doctors. Some of those people are SO incompetent. The hospital we're delivering at is great, but the ER SUCKS royally. Not much you can do but write angry letters. How did the appointment go?


kvm34 - October 1

Hi Kristine -- Just reading through your posts -- I'm in a similar situation as you, I just had surgery on the 12th to repair my septate uterus (almost bicornate) and just started on Metformin to deal with my PCOS. We have to wait another 3 months before we can start trying so my uterus can fully heal from the surgery but I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. So if you ever want to discuss things further I'm here :)


Liezl - October 23

Hi everyone. I have the same problem. Im 32 years old and was diagnosed with PCO and retroverted uterus. We are TTC for 6 months now. I still dont know if im not ovulating because i have my regular period monthly (30days). Its a good thing that i can share this with others with the same problem. I just hope that we will all be blessed with a baby.. best regards.. :)


MELISSAgg - January 16

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