Diabetic taking clomid
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lizworkinonbaby - April 18

I found out last August that I have type 2 diab, and I am 30 yrs old, been married a yr. I have done everything the docs said, and with exersize, diet,and metformin have my sugars under control enough to start trying for baby. I had a m/c last yr, before finding out about my illness (ughhhhh) and was devistated thinking I could have changed that, but anyway I finished my first round of clomid 50mg on the 5th of April, and Im waiting the dreaded 2...lol....anyone else with similar exp??


kitten117 - April 18

Oh..my God!...seems like I'm reading my own story. Hello liz....My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years now. We were trying to have a baby since March 06, but without any luck. I saw my OB on Sept. 06 and she sent me to a fertility doctor. I had a lot of blood works done and the doctor said my blood sugar was little higher than normal. I'm taking metformin and finished my 1st round of clomid 50mg last night. Do you have any side effect on both pills?


dunne - April 18

Hi Liz and Kitten,
I have type 2 as well and I will be 43 at the end of this month. I was too scared to take insulin so we never tried for a baby but it is now or never. I am on insulin at nt so my sugars are good in the am and then I am still on metformin 3 x day. I had to take provera because I was waiting for af and didn't show up. I finished provera on Monday night and I am now waiting for af, I will then take clomid days 3-9 and hope for the best. Are either of you overweight? I am but my diet is better than it was. I've heard accupuncture is a good option also but haven't tried it. So you guys are a step ahead of me and I wish you both lots & lots of baby dust...hope it will happen for me too...Samantha


lizworkinonbaby - April 18

Oh my gosh Im so glad to talk to you gals!! Im 30, and Ive gotta tell you..one of the hardest things about these sights are all the abreviations...lol....I did finnally figure out bd ( baby dance)..luckly..lol...yes I had a few s/e Kitten..mostly from metformin.I am on 500mg just at night, and I understand about the insulin too dunne...fortunately mine is controled with metformin, but it did send me to the potty quite a bit, until my doc RX the metformin xr (extended release) it is marvelous!! No s/e, my sugars stay much more normal, with fewer dips. With the clomid, I was just soo emotional, It was horrid!! I was so happy about 4 days later when it got back to normal. I am so exited to see if Im preg on the 27th, that would be the earliest I could tell, but my husband wants to wait until Im late or have symptoms, which I understand, it can be dissapointing...much hope to all of you! Write more... :)


kitten117 - April 19

Hello girls, I'm 29. I don't think I'm overweight...but I'm not skinny...haha.....I only take 1 metformin at night because I hate to go to the potty all the time. The clomid gives me serious headache for almost 3 days now. I hope it will be worth it and I will have my egg this time. Liz, 27th is coming soon...1 more week...I'm so excited for you. You got any sign yet? Samantha, I hope your af will arrival soon. So that, you can start the clomid. Lots of baby dust for all of us!


lizworkinonbaby - April 19

hey Kitten, be ever so grateful that you have the weight thing under control...Ive always been a little chunky, so Its a real war right now to always monitor everything that goes in my mouth...ughhh..anyway, I threw up breakfast,and lunch today..it was really weird, I didn't have any warning, just got nauseated. I went in for my Prog level blood testing this morning, and I asked the nurse if it would be too early for a preg test..she said yes, so Ithrew up again after lunch..lol...go figure, anyway, I jumped the gun and got a preg test at the store..it was neg, but it says right there on the pkg it can only detect up to 5 days before period is due, well it's 7 days for me, so I don't know why I thought that would work..just so hopeful I guess.. :)


dunne - April 19

Hi girls, still no af for me, it has been about 64hrs since I stopped taking the provera and I was told I should get it between 48-72hrs so I guess I still have a chance. I read another thread and the girl took provera too and has now waited over 2 weeks for af. I hope both you girls get a bfp this month...April is our month! I got a prediction back from Cherie and was told I will conceive or find out or give birth in April, don't know which year though. She said a girl. We shall see....lots and lots of sticky baby dust to us all...Samantha


lizworkinonbaby - April 20

Im sorry, but can someone please tell me what the AF is? Im so lost with some of the abv.....thanks!!


dunne - April 20

Sorry about that, af stands for Aunt Flo, in otherwords, that time of the month.


lizworkinonbaby - April 20

thanks Sam!! Ya know, I was folding clothes last night and that hit me that it was aunt flo...lol...slow this week I guess! Thanks though


lizworkinonbaby - April 20

just got my bllod work back..didn't o...:( Im so new to this, been on the pill, and maybe it's dumb but I assumed that if your period was reg you were o, anyway, can't get disscouraged yet, doc is upping my dose to 100 next month.


dunne - April 21

I know it's very easy to get frustrated Liz but we have to keep praying it will all work out. It is now 4 days since I finished taking Provera and still no sign of af. When I get it I will also be taking 100mg so maybe we will end up ttc around the same time...if I ever get this af! Keep a smile on your face and you chin up, I've heard some really encouraging stories on these threads...Hi Kitten, you must be getting ready for the big bd soon...good luck
Lots of sticky baby dust for us all...Sam


lizworkinonbaby - April 21

Kitten you doing the bd yet?? Sam thanks for the words of encouragement, Af should be here on the 27th, so yeah maybe we will be ttc at same time or around there. I really think I ovulate later than they say I should, becasue my temp has been elevated the past 5 days,and mc is going on, so I would like to try clomid days 5-9 this time.


dunne - April 23

Hi all, well I finished the Provera last Monday night and I still have not got af...sent an email to re and will wait and see what she says. I'm worried this means I am having trouble oing.
Hey Liz I know you said you didn't o but did you recheck with a pregnancy test since you were throwing up on 19Apr? I know you said you 7 days b4 af due on that day and I just wondered if you checked it again yesterday or today?
I am the one getting frustrated now, Provera was supposed to make af come and now I am playing a waiting game and we haven't even tried yet lol!
Anyway hope all is well.
How are you Kitten, enjoying the ttc.


dunne - April 24

Hi, where are you guys, I hope you are ok. I found out from my doc it could take up to 2 weeks to get my af after Provera...still waiting...it have been 7 days.


kitten117 - April 25

Hello Liz and Sam, I'm back. How are you guys doing? I was so disappointed after I had my ultrasound done on Monday. The nurse told me that my eggs were not developing big enough. 2 of my biggest eggs were only 10….they need to be in 20s. It seemed like that the Clomid didn’t work and the doctor needed to increase my dose. I guess I won’t O this cycle. I really wanted to cry so bad…but I didn’t want my husband to worry me too much. He already asked me to see a social worker several months ago. Anyways, sorry for the sad news. Sam, any sign of af come to visit? Liz, did you take another pregnancy test? Hope everyone doing well. Good luck to all of us.


dunne - April 25

Hi Kitten, glad to hear from you. Sorry the news was not that great this month but clear your mind and look ahead to the next month, it will happen. Anytime you want to talk I'm here for ya! Your husband means well but men don't understand our emotions as much as other women do. Right after I wrote yesterday I checked and af is just starting, not flow though just spotting. I'm supposed to take clomid days 3-7 but I don't think I can count today as day 1 since it really just looks like old af maybe, it's not red...sorry tmi! It's hard to explain these things without getting graphic though, don't ya think! Hey Liz, where are you? Hope you are ok. Let us know how things are for you. Lots of sticky baby dust...Sam



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