DH testing? Hysterosalpinogram? So confused!!
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matzgrl - October 4

I don't mean to sound completely ignorant, but what exactly is DH testing? Some of you mentioned that I should get my DH checked, but I don't know what that means. You also mentioned that after that I'll have a hsg done. I know what that stands for, but what is it? Is it kind of like a pap?


cromwell - October 4

Hi, dh refers to dear husband! You should get HIM checked out. My dh ended up having morphology and motility issues so it was good information to know. The hsg is a dye test to make sure your uterine horns are open. Laurie


ginger6363 - October 4

DH testing usually involves checking his sperm counts and sperm motility. (This is realitively easy.) Depending on what they find, he might have to have more tests, etc. A hysterosalpinogram (HSG) is a medical procedure that a doctor will do to determine if your tubes are open and your anatomy looks good. Most times they ask for this test before your treatments, just to be sure before they do anything else. An HSG is really not like a pap, it is more like an xray where they go through vagina and insert a catheter through your cervix. They shoot dye up and watch as it goes through your tubes/uterus. Then a doctor interpets the results. It is not pleasant, but necessary to diagnose fertility issues.


kim d - October 4

hi matzgirl. having your dh tested means having his sperm tested, a SA (sperm analysis). it checks count, motility, morphology etc. and an HSG is where they shoot dye into your uterus to see if it travels thru your fallopian tubes to your ovaries. checks to make sure the tubes aren't blocked. just make sure to take some painkillers, someone told me 4 an hour before you go. hope this helps!!


matzgrl - October 4

Thank you for the explanation!!! I thought DH was some kind of medical term!!LOL!!!



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