DH on pycnogenol and has pain....anyone familiar?
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EMM - April 2

My husband has been taking pycnogenol for about a month and a half. He complains about pain in his testicles every 3 or 4 days if he does not ejaculate. He says it is kind of like pressure but sometimes an almost "stinging" feeling. We want to think that the supplement is working and he is producing more semen. However, I would like to know if anyone has any knowledge about supplements. He is also taking Q-10. We already have one child, but his most recent sperm count was only 2 million. Does anyone else have any type of experience with the pain, or do you have other supplements that you are using? Thanks!


EMM - April 3



EMM - April 4



isa - April 4

Emm , I'm afraid I cannot related to the condition but when my dh was told to go on supps for low count/motility he was told to take stresstab zbec vitamins (vitamins with zinc, vit b, vit e and vit c-we got it at the local dept store pharmacy non prescription). He takes 2 a day and things have gotten better. Have him wear 100% boxers also, not the 50%, 50% kind and has he ever been checked for a verisocoles (sp?) which is checked by ultrasound. Also dont forget that if he has had sickness lately his sperm count will be down and also one test is not reliable. You need to do another test to compare results. I think it is 3 months you wait to repeat the sperm test as that is the time it takes to get a new batch of sperm.



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