DH Not Giving Me Sex, During My Fertile Time! So Bummed :(
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Sherry - March 4

Darn husband made me miss my fertile time this month, cause he was too exhausted, when i got my peak, and for the 2 days after, we had no sex at all. i will try for tonight, but i think it could be too late, and i can't garuntee i will get him into the mood tonight eigther. i secretly am a bit ticked at him, for doing this to me, since other times of the month, where there is no chance, he seems to be more ready, but he doesn't know. i don't want to hurt him. that won't help the situation. i know this isn't on purpose, he does want a child, and he is working longer hours, and has been drained lately, so i try to understand, and not let him see the dissapointment, but quite frankly, only you girls could understand, YES iam dissapointed! i even bought a frilly little numder to wear for him, and he fell asleep on me :( how depressing is that? iam really trying, but can anyone relate to this? i don't make ttc a pressuresome thing anymore, cause i realize it's a turn off to him, and i catch my flies with the honey, by playing things the other way, however iam sad, knowing i got basically zero chance this month. after af ruining my valentine's day, last month, this is a double bummer. ok just had to vent. sorry i haven't been around, i have been down and out. i'll bounce back. iam sure everyone gets this way from time to time. ((hugs)) sherry


JENZEY - March 5

I'm sorry Sherry your DH did that to you. My DH has done that to me before too. It is so frustrating because you are only given a few good days & of all the days he can do that to you it has to be then. I'm suppose to be ovulating this weekend & I tried last night & samething he told me he was to tired. I realize he works all day & he's tired but he knows how important this is to me. It's not like I'm asking for anything fancy, I just need him to do his business & he can go to sleep (lol) well I'm getting it tonight, he doesn't have a choice I'm not taking no for an answer. Good luck & babydust to you!!


jeanette - March 5

I would cut his azz OFF! When he wants it, I would tell him I was too tired. 2 can play that game. What a dick!


PrincessElbows - March 5

Hi Sherry, It is a bummer when our guys won't do their part. Sometimes I don't think they know how much we are thinking about it (getting pregnant). Their role is not that much to ask for, but it seems to be so hard to get them to do it! And yet you don't want to pressure them because then it's no good for either of us... I had a long heart to heart with my DH to explain how important it was to me , and when he said no, it's not only a bummer, but it made me feel unsexy, like I wasn't able to turn him on, especially when it mattered! But since our talk, he's been much more receptive and willing without feeling pressured, so hopefully one of these nights it'll work!!


sherry - March 6

lol, thanks girls. jeanette, you made me chuckle. i honestly feel like doing that. i mean i don't think he's doing this on purpose, but come on? men are supposed to be able to do it in their sleep, what's happening? well, i have no chance this cycle, but am not putting up with a bunch of excuses next cycle. if we were fertile once a wek, it would be different. why on earth did God make every cycle so darn long? thanks for listening and replying. baby dust to all!



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