DH has only 2 million. I could really use a success story.
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EMM - February 7

We already have 1 child, and it was unplanned. Now after a year of trying for #2 we get horrible test results. I need some encouraging stories if anyone has 1. Thanks. I am just feeling really down. If I would have known that we would only have 1 I would have enjoyed my first pregnancy much more.


hopeful06 - February 7

EMM....You want a success story?? It sounds like YOU are your own success story to me!! You had one child--unplanned--and now you're TRYING to have another. I'd say the odds are in your favor!! Keep us posted!!


Leilani14 - February 7

I agree with hopeful06, you are you sucess strory, there is so much dr don't know. Maybe this SA was just a fluke it happens. You concieved a child before. You have a great chances that it will happend again. Well I have one sucess story to report. DH had low count, low morph, low motility. His results improved with vitamins, and even they did not reach normal levels we concieved naturally. I'm 7weeks pregnant, 6 months after he was first diagnosed and started vitamins.


Emily Frank - February 7

isn't 2 million alot of sperm? It takes just one..good luck


dea - February 8

EMM: sperm can be affected by: prescription meds, caffine, alcohol, having a cold/flu etc.... So- your dr. should schedule another SA to make sure the results are similar. EMILY FRANK- norm sperm counts are usually 20-50 million. But it is true what you said...."it only takes one" I agree with HOPEFUL06- you are your own succes story. You will do it again- have faith.


EMily Frank - February 8

Wow...I didn't know that...that is alot of sperm..amazing.


Dee - February 8

has your dh changed anything in his daily life since you got pg with your first? like dea said, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, meds, and having a cold can affect your dh's sperm a lot. sometimes people (such as my dh) start doing things differently like start drinking coffee every morning or life gets stressful and you start smoking cigarrettes or even more than you originally had. little things like that can make a big difference and have a dramatic effect on our reproductive systems. well either way i would have him go in for a second test and see if things have changed. if not, you can take vitamins like E, C, and B12 (or B6-i forget) to help boost his sperm count. good luck!


EMM - February 9

Thanks everyone for all the support. I guess I didn't really think about it like that. It is just that if I didn't know what it was like to have a child then I wouldn't be so upset about being told to forget about it!!


EMM - February 9

Dee-I think that his lifestyle change has been for the better. Less drinking and no smoking. He takes vitamin E everyday. We now drink coffee that is half the caffeine. When we got pregnant the first time we both smoked and drank a lot more than we do now. We were always going on minimum sleep and everything. It is amazing how your body works.


jcr - February 9

Emm, how are you doing? We miss you at belly bumps! Remember you did it once and will do it again. I know there is a lot acupuncture and chinese herbs can do for the men issues. Hang in there my friend and we are here for you. BIG HUGS and bellyrubs.



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