dh has erection prob?
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me - December 9

my dh has erection problem & i have low sex drive. is anyone else goin' thru the same? we r ttc for 7 months & even had a miscarriage. any advice, any medicine?


sally - December 9

hi me , my husband has same problem he also has low sex sex drive we went to Dr and he said i should help him ( i hope you now what i mean) he even gave some pills and my husband took it for few weeks and he stoped , i know make TTC very hard i also lost my sex drive i used to be crazy about it and now i even dont want have sex to make baby , is just being too painfull , i wish i could tell you what to do just know that you are not only one and maybe you could talkwith your husband about doing IUI ? there is always a way !


Lori - December 9

I am not sure exactly what you mean by "erection problem". Is it a physical problem (has he been to see a doctor)? Or, is it an emotional problem (possibly brought on by the pressure of ttc)? Maybe the best way to answer that is to figure out when the "problem" started. It sounds like you BOTH have been through a lot in the last 7 months. I know what it is like ttc, even though we don't necessarily want to admit it, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and our partners to perform, even when neither of us is in "the mood". In our circumstance - we take "breaks" every 3-4 months for a couple of months. Just to enjoy each other - we figure in those off months, if conception happens, then it happens. If you feel your husband's "erection problem" is physical, discuss it with him and perhaps he will agree to see a Urologist. Good luck to you in ttc, no matter what path you take!


me - December 9

thanks sally & lori. erection prob is totally emotional. i am married for 2.5 yrs & this never happened. this prob popped up when we started trying after miscarriage. this is what we call "performance anxiety". we can't even take a break bcoz if we do, we won't have sex for that break period. u know what i am trying to say? i am depresed ladies. i think if we continue this we won't conceive at all. my Dr told me they won't be ready to do IUI unless we have any issues like low motility or fertility prob.


Lori - December 10

me - I think I know what you are trying to say. You both are having trouble getting past the miscarriage (this is totally normal). I think that both of you want a baby desperately, but at the same time are afraid of the "what if we actually get pregnant again?" Definitely open up to your husband and talk about how you are feeling. Also, I think that a couple of sessions of therapy would help you both overcome your anxieties and get you back on track. I hope my suggestions are helpful. Take care.



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