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Ann - March 26

Hi Jaqi. That is good they want to do another hsg to check. If you can get pg from iui, that would be so much easier and cheaper than ivf. I agree with Carrie that you shouldn't worry about ectopic. Have you already done any iuis? Hello Carrie. It is nice to talk to some fellow Dallasites! How long have you been ttc? Do you have any fertility issues or is it "unexplained?" I am 8dpo right now. I have sore boobs, but I know it is just from the hcg so I am trying to ignore it. This has been the longest 2ww so far!


Ann - March 26

Jaqi, I have been trying to find statistics on how much iui increases the risk of ectopic. I can't find exact percentages, but ivf also increases the risk of ectopic (I didn't know that!). I saw on one site where they talked about them together and said "ivf and iui have a slight increase for ectopic." I have been posting on the board since last November on two different threads with probably 10-15 people coming in and out of them doing iui, and no one has ever had an ectopic in that time on either post. I hope this eases your mind a little!


Jaqi - March 27

Yeah, I didn't know IVF is a risk too. I don't see how, though. But what do I know...lol I knew IUI did, cuz the egg can still get trapped in the tubes due to endo, etc... I didn't think IVf would do that though. Hmm...where did you read that at? Carrie, what dr. do you go to?


Ann - March 27

Jaqi, I just did a search on google with "risk of ectopic" and lots of sites popped up talking about ectopic with ivf. It does seem odd that it would go into the uterus and then go up to the tubes to attach. Also with ectopics now while we are to the difficulty of ttc, we are so closely monitored that it would be discovered long before any damage could be done to the tubes. With ectopic pgs, the hcg levels don't increase like they should, so we would know early on. I just found out over the weekend that my dr started his own practice, so I will have to switch all my records and everything. Luckily the location is very close to the other one (so it is close to my office). Did you have a good weekend? Do you know when your iui will be yet?


Carrie - March 28

DH and I have just begun IVF..I started Lupron yesterday. I am 32 and he is 50..we have unexplained infertility. It has been a tough road and I am always having second thoughts. I go to Dr. Karen Lee. She is at Presby in Dallas. I love her. I really feel like she understands what it is like and I really like the fact she is a woman since this field is dominated by men. Anyway, I'll keep you ladies posted


Jaqi - March 28

Ann - yeah, weekend was ok. Work, work work....lol Sat, I had 3 soccer games, so I was tired. Hmmm...I still think it is weird about the IVF and eptopic but thanks for the info! Yeah, I figured they watch us close BUT it still scared me a bit.
Carrie - I hope everything works out for ya'll! Please let us know how it goes. I will hopefully be soon starting IVF, so I need all the info I can get :o) lol Yeah, I know what you mean about women docs. I have never been to a man until now. I guess we will soon find out!


Ann - March 29

Hello guys. I just got back from doing interviews at TX Tech. It was a good trip but really busy. I agree with the female drs. My ob/gyn is female, but the REs she recommended are all male, so I am seeing a man now. Jaqi, wow, 3 soccer games in one day is a LOT! Do you have to cut back on exercise during the 2ww? What are you doing now on the ttc front? Carrie, how long do you take the Lupron? I did a suppression cycle last time (my first month of injectibles) for 2 weeks. My dr does all the things for iui on injectibles as he does for ivf. What other meds will you be taking?


Staci - March 31

Mind if I join you gals? I live in the DFW area. I live in Northwest Fort Worth. I am 27 and have been ttc'ing for a year and a half. I was diagnosed with PCOS in the Summer 04. I am on my 2nd round of clomid cd 3-8 50 mg. Hoping this will be my month. I would love to get to know you all better. Maybe if get to know each other well enough, we could have a time where we all meet up and had lunch together sometime.


Ann - March 31

Hi Staci. Welcome! It is pretty cool there are a few of us in the DFW area. Have you been Oing on the clomid? Are you doing iui with it? I am 36. Today I am 13dpo from my last iui with injectibles. I got a BFN this morn. If it is truly a BFN (which I think it is as I can "feel" af coming), it will officially be 2 years of ttc for me.


Carrie - March 31

Ann sorry about the bfn I know how disappointing that can be. Maybe it is a false negative. Hi Stacy..nice to have another person join. I'm over by white rock lake in dallas


Ann - March 31

Carrie, I used to live right west of White Rock Lake before I got married. I love that area! I lived a block off Fisher if you know where that is. Thanks about the BFN. I hope it is not true, but I am pretty sure it is...are you going to do another iui or are you going on to ivf now?


carrie - April 1

I have started with IVF. I am on my first week of Lupon. I did 5 iui's with injectables and no luck. Hopefully it will work for you


Ann - April 1

I am officially out--af arrived this morning. I am really bummed, so I am going to try to stay out of the house for a while today. Carrie, that is great you are starting with ivf. I did Lupron with my injectible meds, and of the shots, that one was the easiest one for me to give myself for some reason. The Follistim pen had the best needle, but the pen made it awkward to inject for me. How long do you have to stay on Lupron? Are you on BCPs, also? Do you know when your egg retrieval will be yet? I have been reading a lot about ivf, because I have a feeling the iuis are not going to work for me. I hope you post with updates on how everything goes for you. Good luck!


Jaqi - April 1

Hey Everyone! Nice to meet you Staci...I also live in Ft. Worth, but south of you. By the way you describe, I am guessing the Azle/Saginaw or surrounding areas. I am near Burleson/Crowley areas. I just had my second dye test yesterday. They said the left is open and the right is still blocked. Do any of ya'll have blocked tubes?
Yeah, 3 soccer games is alot BUT I love it. My doc said I will not want to play as much cuz of the stimulation meds...they will make running uncomfortable. I think, due to the results of the dye test, they are wanting to try IUI. I am afraid it's going to be a waste of money or end up in a tubal. I'm really positive, huh?? lol If IUI does not work, and IVF is started, then I will not play during the 2ww. I don't want to ruin any chances. I will be careful duing IUI also. I will let my dr tell me when to stop playing. I am sorry about the BFN Ann. My insurance co has screwed me around, so now they say they will not pay for ANY infertility. So, I have to find the money somehow.
Staci....what made them say you had PCOS?
Carrie.....Keep us up to date? What clinics do ya'll go to? Anyone seen Dr. Haas or Dr. Le?


Staci - April 4

Hey girls! Jaqi--They diagnosed me PCOS for a lot of reason. The lack of periods, my mother had it, I had cycsts on my ovaries, and I gained a lot of weight unexplained weight due to the increase in estrogen! So it just sucked all around!!! As for the clomid, this is cd 11 for me. I did clomid 50 mg cd 3-8. A little longer than the usual, but they were wanting to try me out on these days before upping the dose to 100 mg. Right now I have not had a postive OPK, but I have had line both yesterday and today and they have gotten darker with each day! So that is a good sign! Hopefully I will O this month! I would absolutely love to conceive this month, but my main goal is to ovulate! I haven't done that in close to a year now!!! I am also working on dropping more weight to see if that helps my PCOS side effects!! I hope all of you girls are doing well and your efforts are paying off!!


Jaqi - April 4

Hey everyone, how are ya'll?? I am waiting for the doc to call me with the official dye test results, even though I know what they are. I guess once he calls, then we will go from there. Staci - I have had weight gain.....but I'm sure from also not eating right...lol I am wanting and trying to loose weight also. For myself and future! Do any of ya'll have blocked tubes?



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