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Jaqi - June 25

From what I understand, it's either verbal or written. They pre-atuhd my sx and authd benefits with my re 2x! So, I have the doctor's office who can vouche for me, then another officer and a secretary I work with were there the day I talked to the guy on the phone about my benefits. So, we shall see. I sure hope this works. I am doing what I can. I am so happy for you!!! I bet you can't wait till July 14, huh? Yup, that is good you didn't plan the wine tasting party....lol You'd have to get a baby wine glass too...lol No, I didn't use the trigger shot. He told me to save it. He said it looked like I was going to O on my own, because the sono showed an follicle at the edge about to "break out" or whatever the word would be...lol


Jaqi - June 27

ANNNNNNNN!!!!! Where are you chica? How are you feeling?


Ann1 - June 27

I am here. Still feeling the same--not much in the way of symptoms. It seems like July 14 will never get here. I can't believe it is still 2 more weeks...that is great news on your insurance!! I really hope they pay for it all. I had my lap last August (I think it was), and the hospital just sent me a bill for over $600. I don't think they should be able to bill you so late. I thought I finally had it all paid for. Have you decided when you will start testing?


Jaqi - July 2

I'm glad to see your doing well Ann!! I won't test because I don't want to be let down. I know it's not going to work, so why pour salt on the wound?? lol I'm just trying to fight them to pay for IVF, and I hope it works. I have been really depressed lately because of it. I'm trying to keep my head up but it's hard!! July 14th is getting closer!!!! I can't wait to hear and make sure everything is going well!!!!


Ann1 - July 3

Hi Jaqi. Sorry you are feeling so down. I hope you are better now. Try to stay positive, and consider this a challenge that you will beat! That always helped me keep going--just the thought of giving it my all and not giving up. Let me know how you are doing.


Jaqi - July 8

Hey Ann, how are you? Long time no talk!! Me, I'm ok I guess. A girl at work just found out she is pregnant. She has really bad endo and they thought she would never have kids. So I am glad for her, just sad for me because I wish it was turn already. Let me know how your doing!


Ann1 - July 8

Hi Jaqi. Good to hear from you. I know it is hard when friends or coworkers turn up pg, but it will be your time soon. It is very promising for you, too, that someone you know got pg w/severe endo, since you think that is your main issue. Did she get pg on her own? The nasea started for me on Thursday. That day I had a bout in the afternoon and another in the evening. Yday I had one morning, one afternoon, and one evening. Whoever started calling it "morning" sickness was way off. It just comes at anytime. I think it may be at times when my stomach is empty, so I am going to try to eat more often. When I started feeling sick at work yday, I ate several crackers and felt better. The sore bbs symptom really kicked in for me yday, too. To make things worse, now I am also sick in the regular way--sore throat, achey, and a throbbing headache that won't quit. It is awful not being able to take anything. I know they say you can take Tylenol, but I would rather not take anything at all. Sorry to be such a whiner, but I am hating life right now. No matter how uncomfortable, I am certainly thankful for the pg symptoms.


Jaqi - July 8

Good to hear from you too Ann! Yeah, it happened on natural. They are totally in shock! He has kids from another marriage. I am happy for her, just jealous I guess..lol Yeah, I bet your glad your have the symptoms but hating life right now..lol I'm glad you got the symptoms so you "feel better" in your mind cuz you can feel pregnant...you know what I mean? What does DH have to say about all of this?


Ann1 - July 8

I feel really sorry for my dh. I am sure I am a miserable person to be around right now. I haven't even showered all day and have been in bed. My dh has been getting food, bringing water, etc. I don't even like being around myself! I am sure you can' t help but feel jealous. I think that is totally normal for people that have gone through everything that we have. Like I said, just keep your head up and focus on how it will be your turn. What are you doing this cycle?


Jaqi - July 9

Well, I'm just waiting for the 2ww to end, which is anytime now. I feel AF coming on now because I am not feeling too good in that area...lol if that makes sense. Sometimes things just don't feel right and that's how ya know! lol Well, since the left side was lazy this time, I think we are doing the 100mg of Clomid again and if the left side wants to make some this time, he talked about IUI at the last sono but didn't do it cuz of the right side being the only one with 2 follies..that is the side that is blocked. I think IUI might be a try and then I guess we will stop and wait to save for IVF. I'm going to be saving for a looooooooong ass time...lol Even though your DH is having to go through the yucky part of this stuff, I bet he is glad though! Mine keeps me strong but when I break down crying, he breaks down with me, then we just laugh...lol. I don't know what I'd do without him.



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