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Ann - March 20

DFW talk on ttc. Hope you guys find this.


Ann - March 20

Jaqi, I go to Dr. Putman's and Dr. Pinto's practice. It is close to downtown where I work. The drs there seem really on top of things. The only problem I have with the office is the waiting time! How long have you guys been ttc? What are your ttc issues, if any?


Ann - March 20

I should have typed in the initial post that we are talking about ttc issues in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area if anyone else is from here!


Jaqi - March 20

Hey Ann.....I was married from 1998-2001. During that time, my ex and I tried with no luck. I have re-married 2005, and we have been trying. There is nothing wrong with him, it's just all me. I have endometriosis. Both tubes are blocked. There is also the possibility of PCOS. My AF was normal up until 12/2004. I skipped then got it later on . It used to be every 28 days. Now it varies from 26-29. It seemed like it was getting back on track BUT I was supposed to start yesterday and here I am still waiting. I use the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor. It did not show the egg this month, so I am wondering if it is going to skip again. My dr said I probably have an ovulatory dysfunction. I do have one fibroid but they said it is not a problem. She said everything else is fine...ovaries and uterus is good to go, just both tubes are blocked cuz of the endo. What kind of problems do you have?


Ann - March 20

We have a lot of similarities. I have been ttc for two years now. I had a lap last year and they found endo. The dr thinks she got it all, so I never took Lupron or anything. My cycles have always been super regular, but they had shortened by a couple/few days before I had the endo removed. I also have 2 fibriods that the dr thinks should not interfere. I had them "shaved down" last year as well, but they are still pretty small. Like you, my dh has no problems at all. His counts are great and he has a son from a previous marriage. SO, it is all me! Are you going to do the lap for your endo? How did the dr diagnose you as having endo? Can they tell it is endo from the HSG? So far, I have done several clomid cycles and iuis. This month I did Follistim, Menopur, and some diluted Lupron (to keep my body from producing its own FSH and LH--not for endo). I had my first iui from injectibles on Saturday, so I am in the horrible 2ww. What all have you done so far?


Jaqi - March 20

I had an HSG done in Sep 2005. It should the left tube fine, and the right blocked. I had the alap on 2/8/06. That should BOTH blocked and the endo. She didn't remove anything cuz she said she didn't want to make anything worse. Kinda bothered me that she didn't remove anything but what do I know! lol I never knew I had endo. When I get cramps, I take Aleeve and I'm fine after 30min or so. My DH would have had a child from a previous relationship BUT she chose to abort it. I would like to slap her! She regreted it later on but it was too late...he left her. So I know he wants children too. I feel like a loser and less of a woman because I cannot give him kids "normally." But I try not to get down like that.....but it sure is damn hard! I have my first appt with the IVF dr on Wed. I guess we will find out what will happen then. I am so scared that it will not work. I'm glad I found this site and I'm not the only one like my head thinks!


Jaqi - March 20

I meant "showed" not should...lol


Jaqi - March 20

I also meant lap, not alap....I am at work and having to type fast...lol


Ann - March 20

I am at work, too, and I have to admit I have not been very productive today! I am surprised, too, that your dr didn't remove any endo. I thought they always removed what they could, even if you did other treatments later. I wonder if your new dr will tell you anything different on that front. I never had any endo symptoms either and my RE said that is common. I've always even had really easy AFs. That is pretty sad about your dh's almost child from his past relationship. But, that will make him appreciate your kids even more. Also, she doesn't sound like the type of person that you would want to have to deal with to see his kid anyway. So that cloud may have some silver lining. I feel like my body is betraying me for some reason. I thought the ttc stuff would be easy. Ha! This site has definitely helped me stay sane. Until I found it, I totally felt like I was the only person going through all this stuff. Good luck on your intro to ivf appt. Does the dr only do ivf? Is there an equal chance of your conceiving through ivf without removing the endo?


Ann - March 20

And don't worry about the typos. I am a terrible typist and I constantly leave the last letter off words when typing!


Ann - March 21

Jaqi, how's it going? Your appt is tomorrow, isn't it?


Jaqi - March 22

Hey Ann, sorry, I got really busy at work. Yeah, the appt is today. I am nervous because I don't want any bad news. My AF was supposed to come Sunday but didn't. I use the fertility monitor and I didn't get the egg this month, so I guess I am not getting AF. It just stresses me out really bad. The bad thing is, is that my ins...who told me they cover IVF, now says they don't! I am so pissed off! They were so rude and insensitive yesterday, I cussed them out. I didn't mean to, but when the guy made this really rude comment asking me if kids were really necessary, I think my brain swtiched to a different mode. I was already upset that they lied to me but the comment was way too far. I told my sergeant about it, so if they got a complaint on me, they would know why. I am just really stressed out because now I will have to wait to save the money, when a minute ago I was going to be able to start right away! How are you doing?


Ann - March 22

Jaqi, sorry to hear about your insurance experience. The financial strain of ttc seems like it shouldn't happen with everything else we have to deal with. I read what you wrote in IVF 2 also about your endo procedure. I can give you a tip on that. The insurance will probably have to cover surgery for the endo if you are having complications from the endo and not because you are ttc. So if you tell your dr you know you have endo and the symptoms you have (there are tons of symptoms), then the insurance may cover that surgery. I don't know how ivf and endo mix, but hopefully you won't have to get it removed to do the procedure. But, maybe the endo is contributing to your not Oing. Surely your insurance company wouldn't contact someone at your job! You said contact your sergeat--are you in the military? Does your dh's insurance cover any of the procedures? My insurance actually covers ivf, but my dr won't take insurance for it. That really annoys me. He gave me some bs about how they have to keep up a standard of care and they can't do it on the amount insurance pays. It is obviously about the money, though! So if I go the ivf route, I will have to switch drs again. How old are you, if you don't mind my asking? I am doing ok. I started taking progesterone today. I hope I don't have any side effects. I have to take one more shot tonight, and then I am done with shots for this cycle (yea!). Other than that, I am just dealing with the 2ww. Good luck at your appt today and let me know what they say and if you like the drs!


Jaqi - March 26

Hey Ann, well I went to the dr. on wednesday. He said I need to do another dye test, which is scheduled for next friday. He said, with the first showing an open tube and the sx showing both closed, he wants to see what happens. With an open tube, he wants to try IUI. I am scared of it because of tubal pregnancies. I don't want to go through that. So, I am going to get this done and see what happens. I prefer none of them...lol but since I need one, I'd rather have IVF. But we will see! How are you doing?


Carrie - March 26

Hi ladies.. I'm in Dallas too! Jaqi--I did 5 rounds of IUI.. I was not successful but it was not bad at all, and my RE said that there wasn't a huge increase in tubal pg. Try not to stress about things so much..see how the HSG goes on and then re-evaluate..Everything will go fine


Jaqi - March 26

Hey Carrie, nice to meet another fellow DFW'n...lol.... have you tried IVF or are you pregnant from IUI? I am trying not to stress but it's so hard because of the unknown future!


Ann - March 26

Hi Jaqi. That is good they want to do another hsg to check. If you can get pg from iui, that would be so much easier and cheaper than ivf. I agree with Carrie that you shouldn't worry about ectopic. Have you already done any iuis? Hello Carrie. It is nice to talk to some fellow Dallasites! How long have you been ttc? Do you have any fertility issues or is it "unexplained?" I am 8dpo right now. I have sore boobs, but I know it is just from the hcg so I am trying to ignore it. This has been the longest 2ww so far!



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