Dexamethasone0.5 mg
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Kim - September 27

Hi, my doc asked me to take Dexamethasone 0.5mg from days 3 to 10 and clomid from days 5 to 9. Does anyone know if this helps in increasing the chances of becoming pregnant? I have started my period with one drop a day for the last 3 days.. Is it ok to take Dexamethasone from today? Or should I wait another day?


Kim - September 27

Someone please help


Lena - September 27

Dex supresses adrenal androgens. The idea is that it will allow the clomid to work more effectively.


Kim - September 28

Thanks Lena.


Amanda - September 28

What is dexamethasone??? thanks


me - September 29

dexamethasone is a medicine that is used to helps supress the male hormones from the adrenal gland. I was on it along with Aldactone for years. That is another medicine to help supress male hormone. Hope that helps!



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