Determining my cycle length! Please help!!!!
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TTC in VA - October 24

Please help! I have tried doing a google search but I can not find a direct answer for my question. When determining my cycle length, do I count from the first day cycle began in one month until the first day cycle begins in the next month?

Example… last month cycle began Sept 15th, this month cycle began Oct 15th. Is this considered a 31 day cycle?

I am confused and I want to get this straight so that I can accurately predict my Ovulation day. It is coming up soon, so please help me!

Thank you & Baby dust to all!


shandwhat - October 24

that is basically the way it works i am not exactly sure if you would count the first day of your next cycle as a day in the previous cycle but if you are testing using ovulation test kit day thirteen would be a good day to start testing. It is best to test in the early afternoon around the same time everyday and do not drink to much for two hours before you test. Also if you test positive test again the next day until it goes back to negative


TCC in Va - October 24

I am not testing using a kit, I'm just sort of winging it. I do wish to know whether or not to count the first day of my next cycle. This stuff can be a bit overwhelming at times.

I appreciate your response!


Toni - October 24

Your cycle was from Sept. 15-Oct. 14.


Lisa - October 25

Toni is right you count from the first day of bleeding and stop counting the day before you get your next period as that day would be the first day of your new cycle .
Try this web site its great for calculating AF and ovulation days.....
its a free site and it will send you an email when your fertile time arrives and when its time for your period!


Meredith - October 25

If you are "winging it" then to be safe, try to have intercourse every other day starting on day 10 or 11 of your cycle through day 16 or 17. Since you don't know when you ovulate, you don't know your luteal phase (the time after ovulation before your period). Some women have a short luteal phase so they ovulate later in the month. I'm guessing you are trying for your first? I am!!


TCC in VA - October 26

Thank you ladies! So I have a 30 day cycle. This info helps sooo much!
Disclaimer..TMI! :
Seems cruel but I am making my hubby wait until the end of this month before we ____________. I want those little things built up and raring to go/swim! smile


Lisa - October 26

TTC in Va, I have read that you are better off not to abstain from sex for a long period of time if TTC the docs say that you should at least have sex twice a week to keep motile sperm in his ejaculant if it stays in there for a period of time it isn't as healthy and doesn't swim as well.... unless he has a low sperm count.


TCC in VA - October 26

Thank you Lisa! I will do some research! This place is very informative and I appreciate your response. We really, really want a baby!


Lisa - October 26

Your welcome. I wish you the best of luck at TTC.... I too am TTC, 10 months and counting hopeing this is the month! Good Luck and Baby dust to you!!!


Meredith - October 26

I was told the same thing as Lisa by my dr. He said that 3-4 days is a good amount of "build up" time. I wish us all a successful month!! bfp for all!


to ttc in va - October 26

hi iam also from va,fairfax....ttc 9 mths still nothing


TCC in VA - October 26

Thank you Merideth. My hubby was happy to hear the news because I was torturing him. Well, it was a nice excuse/break for me! smile.
To Fairfax VA, keep the faith! Let us just keep informing one another and being there as a strong support system! Blowing Baby Dust!


Meredith - October 26

Yes, let's stick together! Where are you guys in your cycle? I'm 5 dpo, so in 10 more I should o. To the other VA ttc for 9 months, are you regular with your af (aunt flo, period)? Are you older in late 30's? Cuz I've heard then it takes a year or more to get pg. It gets frustrating, I know... ***Baby Dust****


Lisa - October 27

Hey all....Meredith I am currently on cycle day 18 about 6 days past ovulation so not long I usually have a 26 day cycle so not to long till I will get that BFP ( at least thats what I am hopeing for) my age is 30 I just turned 30 a few months ago so I'm not that old(old enough, but not to old)haha! I am TTC my second.
TTC in VA, Hope all is well with you I don't know if you checked the website I told you about, but it is great it helps me to calculate when my AF is due and appx. when I will be O'ing it gives you the most fertile to the least fertile days of the month another great site is Good luck ladies in your journy to motherhood I wish you all sucess! Baby Dust!


Meredith - October 31

Ya, I liked that monthly cycle website, thanks Lisa! I'm waiting to o so it will be interesting to see if the websites info is really accurate! I hope this is the month I get my bfp because I'm getting sooo antsy to just get pg!!! :) Lisa, how old is your child? Did it take long to get pg with him/her?


Lisa - October 31

Hi Meredith, My son is 3 and no it didn't take no time to conceive him. He was conceived within 2 months of a miscarriage. So he truley is a gift from God! Good Luck!



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