Desperate for answer..HIGH PROGESTERONE!
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NatashaV - April 17

Hi, I posted a similar question a few days ago, and when I went to see if anyone has answered recently, it was GONE. I really want to know, so I thought I'd ask again. Anyway, my story is that I've been ttc for 2 looong years, and I'm 35 years old. I have NO children..yet. Dh and I have both had everything tested, and there's supposedly nothing wrong with either of us. HOWEVER, I had my day 21 (7dpo) progesterone tested twice - the normal numbers for most women are around 10-15 and these numbers mean you likely ovulated. Mine were 63 the first time and 71 the second! No, those aren't typos! (dh took the call and all the nurse said was the number and that it meant that I ovulated) The first time I was NOT on any meds, and the second I was on Clomid. I'm so worried that this HIGH number (7x the norm!) is the reason we aren't getting pregnant and I'm really down because af just arrived this morning. I've searched the net like crazy and have found no answer. Can anyone help??? Thanks!!!


nikki2204 - April 17

Hi Natasha, I was on clomid a few months back for 5 progesterone was in the 20's and I never got pg. I was in the same boat...both dh and I were tested and both were fine. COme to find out, I had stage 4 endometriosis and a cyst the size of a grapefruit! No symptoms what so ever other than infertility. I had a laparotomy in january and am now on Lupron shots to clear it all up. After this, I am done with meds...hope I can do it on my own!! I am 29 and we have been trying for 4 LOOOOOONG years! All we can do is have faith I guess :) What is the doc saying about it, anything?


LoriB43 - April 17

Natasha - I have a question for you. My ankles and even lower legs have been swelling up and my RE says that it is due to high progesterone. I am wondering if you have had swelling also? I don't know what my #'s are. I go in to see my RE on the 22nd and I am going to ask him about progesterone levels and ttc. I will let you know what he says.


NatashaV - April 17

Hi ladies, thanks for your responses. Nikki, from my research, prog levels in the 20's are very good. It just means that you're ovulating, your eggs are good, and you've got good levels to create a nice lush (lots of blood) lining in your uterus for implantation. Did the doc actually tell you that having endo can cause higher than normal prog levels? Unfortunately, it takes about 3 months to get in to see the specialist, so I haven't even bothered to try. Lori, I haven't had any swelling at all. I wonder why your re would say it's because of high progesterone levels..? Yes please do let me know. Good luck ladies!



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