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kay g. - August 22

Well I have been ttc for over a year now. I do not take any fertility drugs I just wanted to see if we could concieve on our on. i recently got married a few months ago and have been so excited at the fact that now we can really begin our family. Well my cycle changed in June from 28 days to 26 days. so i have been charting to see when I am most fertile we have bd doing those times and still nothing! this past month august mt cycle was due 08/08 didn't show up until 08/10 very light no cramps no clots only 1pad on day 1 and 3 pad on day 2 and 3 and on the last day only 1 pad. now my per normally last 5-6 day heavy-med flow. it has never been like this and I have never been even 1 day late , so I was soooo excited thinking that this is finally it!!! I was having some symptoms, very bad headaches almost everyday for the past 2 weeks and I have been feeling bloated, gasy and my mouth would fill up with saliva constatntly. and I have been alittle more tired than usual and a bit nauseas. Now today A week after what i assume was implantation bleeding after looking it up and reading about it i was soo sure that it was IB. i mean light period no cramping at all only heavy pressure in my pelvic area like something was about to fall out of me (sorry tmi) So today 08/22 i take my 1st hpt and it is BFN!!!!:( i am really starting to think that maybe i am driving myself crazy b/c i want to have a baby soooo badly. My dh has 1 child from a previuos relationship, so he isn't really to concern right now to have another. I am sooooooo depressed at the thought of maybe I will not have any children and it just kills me. i am 31 y.o so my clock is about to chime and stop ticking! i just pray and try to keep faith that God will come through for me and bless me with the child that I soo long for. i am glad that I found this forum, i really don't talk to anyone about this b/c I am embarrassed and ashamed. i am the only female in my family including all of my cousins who is childless. It just kills me!! but i try to keep my spirits up by telling myself God is saving the best for last:)!! but it gets much more difficult when you think u r finally preg and r not. sorry for the long post but i really needed to get this out especially to other woman who may understand what i am going through. b/c there is no one in my immediate circle who can understand b/c they all have their children. Please pray for me and i will do the same for all of you:) may God bless u all and give u the BFP that u want!!!!!:)))


Sue Z. 38 - August 22

Kay - I'd go right to an infertility specialist. They have answers and can help. Infertility is 12 months trying without a pregnancy. Your clock is ticking, but not nearly as loud as mine is. Mine is so loud that it keeps me up at night thinking about the position I am in. Don't waste any time because other problems can come up. I got pregnant very easy in my early 30's then had 2 m/c due to an antibody disorder (ANA). So you just never know what can strike. I hope this helps. Lots of baby dust to you.


TL - August 22

Hi kay.g, my story is very similar to you. I am 30 and ttc for 1 year now.
I had hsg test last Oct and tubes were wide open, still no luck. It's so frustrating when everyone else around you gets preggers without batting an eye, and we struggle and think every month we did it. I have the same symptoms too each month. It's us wanting it so badly that we think the symptoms are preg when they really are PMS. I have even went so far as to take preg tests after my af because alot of these boards say women get a few periods while preg.
I feel like a mad woman as well, and time is running out.
Good luck and lots of baby dust to you.


bump - August 22



sophie - August 23

hi kay.. hope you find comfort in the fact that you aren't alone. I am in almost the same position but have been trying for 7 months. I'm 21 years old and i time my ovulation perfectly and my husband and i try like crazy during this period and nothing... i always look for symptoms of pregnancy and i cant even count how much i have spent on taking home pregnancy tests (at least 4 before each period) and none have told me what i so desperately want to know. Sometimes i think its psychological and that i kid myself into thinking i have symptoms like nausea and headaches etc etc. What is even more heart breaking is that my sister is about to give birth, my sister in law is pregnant, my best friend just gave birth, 2 of my husbands cousins just had babies (their 2nd and 3rd children i might add) it seems like everyone can have a child except me. It is seriously the point of tears. I can relate to you so much because i think exactly the same way, sometimes i think God is saving the best for last but then i think what if i'm not fit to be a good mother and that's why i'm not falling pregnant. My husband is a lot older then i am so it is straining our relationship. So relax Kay, you're not alone. I will pray for you and all the women in the same boat.



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