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jen - July 21

me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant since april and NOTHING i am 20 and heathy and he is 21 and heathy and both of are family have never had problems gettin pregnant what could be the problem i am just scared i am cant have kids


annette - July 21

hi Jen, Lemme first say that you should try not to be depressed abt this, and you should not give up. First of all, you are quite young.. in the onset of your productive life, and second of, you just started trying. You know what, the stats tells that the chances of a 'normal' coupls to conceive in the 1st year is abt 75%.... SO cheer up. if you are unable to succeed after some time, then i would advise both of you to go get a check up done..
Good Luck!


KellyN - July 21

Hi Jen. Try not to worry too much. When I first started trying (at age 35), I thought it would just happen quickly. This is not the case, even for someone as young and healthy as you are. I found out that even trying hard and not having any fertility problems, you only get pregnant 25 percent of the time. That means you will likely get preg within the first four months of trying. And even then, the dr doesn't consider fertility a problem until after a year of trying with no success (6 months if you are over 35). Keep trying! I'm sure you guys will get there soon. You are both young and healthy, and have everything going for you right now. Baby dust to you guys!!! -kelly


jenn - July 21

thank you guys that made me feel better i just get sad cuz my husbands brothers gf has been pregnant like 5 times she has 2 kids and she is 18 she said it took her a lil while to get pregnant that first time but just makes me sad that she gets pregnant so easy and she doesnt even want them she just goes and gets abortions now


kim - July 22

make sure you know when you ovulate


jen - July 24

I feel your pain honey!! Yesterday I was driving to the gym and felt the cramps. I went in and yep I had started. I sat out in my car in the parking lot for a good 45 minutes and just sobbed. I should be used to the disappointment, but I guess you don't get used to it when you really want to have a baby. For some reason its just harder this month. it doesn't help that my sister in law is 4 months along and lives with you, so I am constantly reminded that I am not pregnant. I've had blood work and an HSG i go next week for an ultrasound. DH also goes next week for semen analysis. I pray that if something is wrong, it can be corrected. I've decided today that I won't cry about it anymore, I can beat this!!!



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