Depo Shot !! Please Read!
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JamaiacanLady617 - January 30

yes the depo can still be in your system it can take a whole year for it to go away. But when you get on depo it changes your cycle. it will not be regular for a while, the same thing happen to me. if your still concerned i would go to the doctors


erica - February 6



erica - February 6

hello i have a question i am on delupron shots every month i want to get pregant how long will it take to get out of your system thank so much erica


sesteves_32 - February 6

I do not have an answer for you, however, I am searching for lawsuits against depo. I took the shot three times in one year back in 2001. Since then I have not had a period. It has been about five years and I am more than ready to have children. However since I am not having a menstual cycle Im not sure I can. I hate depo and from what I have been reading today I think that I am not the only one. Please contact me if you have any information that may help me.
spring esteves
[email protected]


Dana - February 9

I was also on the depo shot for two years. I have not had a shot in over 5 years. I just recently took provera because I was only getting my period every 3 months. I have just finished my 6th month of clomid and am still not pregnant. I truly beleive that the depo shot definetly caused my infertility problems! My advice to anyone who is on it is ---- Get off!


lala32118 - June 20

i only took one birth control shot and the 3 months is up sometimes i have real periods. But most times i spot alot can i get pregnant??


ketta10 - May 6

I got my last depo in january of 06. My periods returned in august of 06. My husband and i are trying to conceive now and its just not happening as fast as i would like for it to. Why is it taking so long?


tonyaandjoe - May 6

i watched a show on t.v. that said after you go off the shot it can take up to 1 year to get your body back on track.


billsgirl - May 6

i only had one shot. i had my period for 4 months straight. i begged my mom not to make me get it again. i then got on the pill. after being onthe pill for 2 months i missed a couple and got pregnant right away. not only did i bleed for 4 months straight, i reeally think it messed with my emotions. i was a total b*tch for months with no sex drive.


blueeyedangel725 - July 11

ive been overdue for my shot for 2 months now and i have no period but not long ago me and my ex when we were together kinda got scared and im having the symptoms of pregnancy and i took a home pregnancy test but it was really light and im going to the doctor soon...i dont know if im pregnant or its the shot making me feel like that....


zoe c - July 11

i had last depo shot in jan bled in march then nothin did a test it was pos but miscarried but still havent bled i think the depo is the cause of this and would never have it again


lissanicole - November 25

i dont have a answer i have a question i just wanted to know if im ok i have been off depo for about a month but i have been bleeding for 2 months is that normal it wont stop bleeding?



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