Depo Shot !! Please Read!
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Danielle - March 29

Can you get pregnant six months while u are on the depo shot


Kat - March 30

I was on depo for almost two years. I never knew of all these problems until I decided to get ff depo and concieve. Been off for 8 months now. Who knows if I'm ovulating. Me and Hubby have been trying to have a baby since I've been off the shot. We knew it might take a while, so really we just weren't trying not to have a baby. This month we are actually TRYING. I know it sounds stupid but doc told me, and I've read, that usually around 8 months you get regular and ovulate. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. I'm just hoping this 8th month is our lucky month. I can't even believe they give this shot to us women. It's so horrible. My periods have been regular for a few months now. I've heard and read so many horror stories. Also my Doc says it could take up to 18 months for depo to get out of your system. Too bad theres nothing we can do to stop the depo shot. To all women trying to conceive I wish us luck. And I think of those poor innocent women and young ladies who have yet to find out our depo problems. Why don't the doctors worn us??


Tonya - March 31

I am 30...have been ttc for abt a year now...was on depo for 3 years and b/c for 5. After fertility drugs, shots and clomid, HCG injections, and two iui's - the second one today - i can tell you that depo is the worse thing that I ever did!! I was not told the side effects either..and if you keep checking into other will see that there are many more women that are going through the same thing b/c of depo. I am into the $15,000 range right now ttc...and it is all b/c of depo.

I have been told by my specialist - that depo stays in your system - sometimes up until 1 year after your last shot. You will probably have to get the HCG injection to trigger ovulation, but then you will have to have a specialist monitor your lining. The main thing is - if you can get to a point where you will be a step ahead..and then will have to take progesterone to thicken your lining. I am sorry to sound so sour about this, but I have been disappointed for too long and not had enough answers...I just want to be honest and tell you that there is are just going to need some help with getting you body/brain to get pg.

Good luck honey - if i can help or answer any questions - and I can assure you they are not opinions but coming from a very expensive fertility specialist - feel free to email me at [email protected].

Best of luck...keep your hopes up.


Yvonne O - May 13

I been off the depo shot 1yr 2mon. and still can't get pregant can you tell me what happened.


Celia B - May 13

It can take up to 18 months to get out of your system. I have been off depo for 3+years and not been able to conceive. I do although have 3 kids I had prior to the depo I think depo is poison for anyone trying to conceive


Joesuf - May 26

how long after child birth dose it take for the shot to kick in


Jill - May 26

The shot is effective 3 days after it is given. And the shot only takes about 4 months to get out of your system, it just takes longer for your ovaries to kick-start again. It can take up to 18 months for normal periods to resume, and even after they come back, that doesn't mean you're ovulating. Have your doctor do a hormone count to see what's going on with you.


MAYRA - May 31



Danielle - June 1

I don't have an answer but a similar situation. I have been off the depo shot for 6 months now and have still not had a period. I have also taken a dozen pregnancy tests and they were all negative. I don't believe the depo is still in us, but maybe we're not ovulating... I am confused as well...


Jess - June 1

I was on depo for almost 4 years. I've been off now for 2 and just started getting normal cycles about 6months ago. My DH and I have been ttc for the full 2 years with no luck. Every doc that I've spoken with about it has said that Depo shouldn't be on the market. I wish I would've known then what I know now.Good Luck!!


Cindy - June 8

my depo was due may 14 and i did not take it i had a period in may but not yet in june my nipples were sore for about 2 weeks and i have had craps could i be pregnate when will i get a period again


sarah - June 9

it is unlikely that you are pregnant. the depot injection does give irregular bleeding and sometimes bleeding can stop altogether. it takes longer to get pregnant after stopping the injection


Princess - June 30

Dnt worry bout u not gettin ur period it is normal. I was on da depo 4 bout 1yrs n half n now I've been off of it for bout 4yrs now. But as soon as I did get off of da depo my period was irregular for a while bout 4 a 1 or so n dats because ur body gets used to not ahvin ur period n once u get off of it it has to get used to goin bak to gettin da period n inorder to do dat it's gna hav to get used to it n it's gna take a while but dnt worry. If ur not sure then u sould go to da doctor but I say dnt worry cuz I went through dat b4


Michelle - July 1

I found out I was pregnant (+hpt) 3 weeks after my shot was due. Depo was due May 9 (I discontinued it, due to bleeding nonstop) and found out I was pregnant May 30. Unfortunately I miscarried June 4th. One of the ways depo works is it hardens your uterus walls, making eggs less likely to stick). So it is possible to get pregnant just after stopping depo. Everyone is different. I have read that it wears off faster in underweight people.


Jami - July 1

I was on the depo shot for 3 years and it took my almost 2 years after that to get pregnant now I have a healthy beautiful baby girl, the entire time I was on depo I had no period(thank God)and when I stopped taking the shot it took 6 or so months before my period even came don't worry too much just a side effect from the shot


kay - July 3

i was on the depo for only three 3 months and the second day after my shot was up i see my period and a few hours my period came down am i pregnant is it possible and do u think my period is regular and is it out of my system please help



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