depo shot
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Amy - April 28

I got on the depo shot in May of 2002. It was after I had my son. I had probably a total of 10 shots from then to aug or sept of 2004. I was supposed to go for another shot in nov or dec of 2004. I didn't go. After my very first shot, I did not have a period. Now, i started having a period again in March, 2005. I will bleed sometimes for 2 days and stop one and start again. And sometimes I bleed for just a few hours. I want to have another baby sometime. I do not know how I can tell when is the best time to concieve, or if I will ever be able to have another baby. Please help me. Thank you.


karina - May 25

I use to work in a clinic. The doctor would tell the patient that it is best to wait six months of not taking the shot for any results.



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