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rose - December 13

i already have 2 children...i was on the depo shot for a year...i had my period every day that i dont ovulate onm my own anymore...could the shot have done this to me...has anyone heard of this happening before?


a - January 4

how do you know you are not ovulating?


Ginger - January 6

I was on Depo for 2 years. I was due for a shot in Oct, but made appt w/Dr to discuss going off to get pregnant. She put me on the pill to get period back and to regulate. The first month, the period was very light, lots of cramping. I only took the pill for that 1 month. The next week, spotting. The next period was late, but when it came, boy did it. It is now 2 weeks later. My body is feeling more normal now. I don't know if I am ovulating or not yet. I am currently just trying to track periods, etc to see when I should be ovulating, and we are not preventing pregnancy, but not seriously trying yet either. I will wait about 3 more months, then try ovulation test, etc to try to become pregnant. I have read posts of people having much trouble after Depo getting pregnant, and others where there was no trouble at all. I was very worried before, but as my body is feeling more normal, my worry is lessening. I think worry doesn't help getting pregnant anyway. BTW, I have 1 daughter from a previous marriage, my husband has 2 daughters from a previous marriage, and we are trying for one together. I hope it doesn't take too long, as I will be turning 34 later this month.


Stacy - February 1

I'm not shure about that there is good chance there is you had your period every day that must have been hard i have just went on it and got it on the time i should have but it hasn't stoped it's been about 2-3 weeks now i was woundering if i just have to wait it out for the rest of the three mouths??


TMB - February 1

Believe me - it is the shot. I am 30 years old. Took depo for 2 1/2 years. Last shot was over 8 months ago - we have been trying ever since to get pregnant. Long story short - after 8 months of clomid...crying...praying..hoping...we are now doing the IUI...the step before invetro. (All b/c of the depo) The clomid did not work, so we have moved on to the horomone injections and the implamentation stages...we have spent thousands of dollars so far and have excellent insurance that covers portions of this...I am not trying to discourage you, but depo will mess you up terribly. Don't waist your time and money like I did with clomid and numerous pregnancy and ovulation tests...find a fertility specialist that will go straight to the horomone shots...unless you have more patience than I do. Good luck!!


Kat - February 2

I was on the shot for almost 2 years. In Aug. I decided to go off it. I got my period right away for one whole month. Then I didn't get it for 1 month after that month long period. Then when it returned I had my period for 3 to 4 days every single week and a half for 2 months. My obgyn said it could take up to 18 months for your period to return to normal. I have read on alot of websits that the norm is around 8 months to start ovulation again. So, Yes Depo probably did this. Iknew nothing of this horrible consequence when I took Depo and will never go on Depo again. I think it is a horrible birth control. It should be banned.


jennifer - February 3

i agree...depo should be banned. it's awful. i have been off of it for 1.5 years now and my periods now are starting to get weird! it's not worth it to go on at all.


lynn - February 17

so why is it that the doctors don't really tell you the side affect of going off the depo shot, all my doctor said to me was that you'll gain like five pounds, I was on the shot for three years after my son was born, I just went off it in december and I still haven't gotten a period


rose - February 21

my doctor ran the tests thats how i know im not ovulating...this is really scary and im looking into a lawsuit...being unable to concieve is only one of the problems i believe i got from the shot...


rose - February 21

check out this site- it is disturbing!!!........http://www.htm


Kat - March 18

Couldn't get onto that page. it sucks that doctors don't tell you all the risks you are taking, because most of us women would not risk those side affects.


michelle - March 20

i agree with you should be banned, i do not ovulate since having the shot 3 years ago!!!
i wish doc had warned me.. its really not fair that they mess up nature for all us ladies trying to conceive!!!!good luck to all x


regina - April 25

rose, I had taken the depo shot for over 4 years and never had a period or a problem. But now my doctor tells me that its been discovered that you should not take the depo for more than 2 years because of long term use can cause you problems with your bones or something. My doctor has me on the birth control pill now and after 2 months of taking it I am having a period after not having one for over 4 years its a little strange...


AMY - April 26

Haven't been able to get my 1st pregnancy after stopping Depo exactly 12 mos.ago.I wonder how Depo affects future conception...


Eb - April 26

I think it is tha depo because i've was on tha shot for 6month and tha first shot iwas just spotting then when i went to get my second shot i was just bleeding every day and i also lost a lot of weight i was 128 and i droped to 107 and after that second shot i never did get it again and i kept on bleeding i bleed for almost a year and now, im fine but i want to know why i can't get pregant?and think that the shot should be band.....


Celia - April 26

Has anyone had any tests done to test for ovulation? If so what were your results. Also has anyone had an HSG? I've been off Depo for about 3-1/12 years and nothing. Was tested for ovulation this month Dr. said I am ovulating. Had an HSG on April 21st tubes were all clear now i just have to wait and see if the HSG works and helps conception will keep u updated


Shawna - April 27

I was on Depo for a year. Stopped taking it because of the weight gain. It took a year and a half to get my period back . We still haven't had any luck getting pregnant. That was a while ago.



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