Depo and getting preg
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Amey - June 23

I just stopped taking Depo in January and have been ttc ever since but no luck. I have only had 1 period and that was in April. All neg preg tests too. Does anyone have any advise to help? PLEASE!!!


ashley - June 25

I stopped taking the shot a year ago may 4, and I am still not regular or ovulating. Can take up to 18 months I guess with the average of 10 months.


Brandy - June 26

I was on Depo for 6 months in 1999(two shots), and I didn't have a period for three years after I stopped. I thought this was ok at the time because I didn't WANT my period to come. I have now been trying to get pregnant and come to find out that I am not ovulating. You sould go to the doctor and get Provera to make yourself have a period. Hopefully you can avoid all of the problems that I have had to deal with. I was diagnosed with PCOS and I personally think that the Depo shot had something to do with it and the fact that I didn't have a period for so long. There is no medical proof of this, but before I had this shot I was regular down to the very day and I got pregnant in one month. Now I have all of these problems. Good Luck and PLEASE go to the doctor and get your period to start. Ask them to check to see if you ovulated on day 21 of your cycle just to rule out any problems.


Amey - June 30

Thanx guys for the help I appreciate it. I will go to the doctor and hopefully he wont be like all the others:)


Michelle - July 1

I got pregnant the same week my shot was due. I had been taking depo for 6 months and had lots of trouble with nonstop bleeding. I had a postitive HPT 3 weeks after last shot was due (shot due may 9, 2005, that I didn't get, +hpt may 30, 2005). BUT....I miscarried a week later. One of the ways depo works is by hardening your uterus walls, which is why I'm guess I miscarried. Now we're ttc, with no luck yet......KEEP YOUR HOPES UP!!!good luck



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