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Ashley - October 25

Ok I feel weird asking cause I don't think it can happen, But I feel like I am pregnant again. I had my son Dec of '02 an have been on the DEPO for almost 3 years. So my question is can you get pregnant on the shot? I have everything but morning sickness. Plus, The way I found out I was pregnant with my son was a blood test. My pee test was neg. Please Help!!!


Melissa - October 25

Yes you can get pregnant on the shot. There is a 1% chance of conceiving while on depo.


Melissa - October 25

While on Depo you may feel like you are pregnant. I was on it for 7 years. I have been off for 5 months. For those of you trying to conceive after depo here is what I found out: It takes 6 to 9 months to have a cycle. It can about two years to return to fertility. They say that you should not be on depo for no longer than 2 years if you plan to have children. I may have ruined my chance for another child but we will see on that one. For those who are trying to conceive after depo. Start your prenatal vitamins. Depo does nasty things to your body and immune system. They say your body is lacking the important vitamins and nutrients from the depo so if you conceive too soon after the depo the chance of miscarriage is greater. Just some stuff I found in my research. Good luck to you all and I wish as many babies as you desire.


Melissa - October 25

One other thing with depo. Depo is stored in your tissues. The more fat cells on your body means the longer the depo stays in your system. They say to excersise, drink lots of water, and to eat foods that wash the toxins out of your body. They also say that pregnancy test (pee strips) will not detect pregnancy until after 5 months of being pregnant. Ovulation tests don't work for me. You are suppose to have one line and sometimes 2 lines I have none. But that could be just me.



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