Definately ovulated, no period but negative HPT!!!!
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lyz - May 17

im on day 19 of the luteal phase which should be 14 - 16. no period and did a hpt on luteal day 12 which was neg but it was extra sensitive (10mlu) so it cant be wrong can it? anybody have any suggestions as to whats happening or in a similar position? love to hear from you all! thanks xx


Melissa - May 17

Hi Lyz. I've seen your replies in a couple of other areas. I'm assuming your charting? I missed a period (actually 2) and swore I was pg but after 4 weeks of - hpt's I had to come to grips with reality. So, I got some blood work done (all normal) and a pelvic us. Come to find out I have a cyst on my right ovary. It's one that goes away on it's own, but that's what stopped af. However, the reason I asked about charting is that I thought I had o'd but I wasn't charting or anything. Well, I didn't o the time before but I finally did somewhere in that 2 months of no af then 14 days after I o'd af arrived. I have recently started charting.



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