December/January IVFers
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Mega - December 1

Hi ladies. Here ya go! A new thread to end 2006 as well as begin a (Fertile) 2007 for us all! I hope we fill it with BFPs!!!


Mega - December 1

BUMP!!! Hope you ladies find this new one!


JenG - December 1

I found it. Thanks Mega for your encouragement. With so many dissappointments, one just expects them. Its a bad habit.


Tink - December 1

just want to wish you ladies luck! i am not to IVF yet, but will be if the next 2 injectable cycles don't work. 7 mos of meds and 3 IUIs for me so far. Mega- how are you doing? i usually read up on your progress on another thread. i am going to check this thread to learn more about IVF so i am prepared if we have to go there in a few months! Grandpa offered to pay for it since ins doesn't cover. so at least i know it is an option! wishing all you IVF'rs lots of baby dust.


JenG - December 1

Hey, let me ask you ladies something. My RE didn't tell me or my DH if we should refrain from sex before ER. She did say to my DH to "clear the pipes" Thursday, but what is your opinion and experience?


JenG - December 1

sorry hit submit too fast... if we were to have sex Saturday would that be awful?


ROBYN - December 1

Oh Heather I am soooooo happy for you I dont remember was this your 1st IVF cycle or can anyone answer for her? Hopefully it continues for all of us. 6 days and counting for me I cant stand this wait anymore. JEN its completely normal for the fluctuation they are growing some at a quicker rate than others they will retreive all if possible at my clinic they wanted them at 20mm to trigger. I know like the night before the trigger I had several at 18-19 so obviously they werent too concerned and look how many fertilized. I had six fertlized and 5 didnt make it. All my embryos were 8 cell stage 1 so we were very pleased. And I also had to leave 11 follies inside on the day of the E/R because my left ovary was so high. Oh as for the sex question just try to rerain i believe up to 3 days before. Then they want a fresh sample on the day of the E/R. We had the E/R on a Wednesday they called on last Monday and had asked how long hubby had not been having sex or doing "other things" and she said we could have sex not past Monday as long as there isnt like more than 5 to 8 day buildup!! So MEGA how are you my son was so cute we were laughing you could tell he was so nervous I gave him so many kisses I was so proud of him. TINK - welcome and hope you stick around. Anyway I will check in later. So happy for you Heather.!!!


isa - December 1

Heather YEAH !!!!! Congratulations. What a great beta number and good tune to start the thread on some happy news Mega thanks. Jen we too were told he had to have at least 3 days but no more than 5 days build up. -may depend on what his sperm count is like/motility etc and if you do icsi or not. I'd double check with your clinic since they have all your #'s for dh. Mega i was at accup. today and asked him re the heating pad and he said if you use one make sure after its warmed up it is unplugged and not "ON" when you use it as the electical current plays havoc on the hormones. The hot water bottle doesnt. He said something else about it too but i forget. I have a horrid memory. I think i get too relaxed and it goes in one ear and out the other. I've been running crazy with appts and trying to get all things clean/tidy as dh is having a bunch of old friends over for poker night and i needed to do so much. We've been slacking lately so i didnt want anyone to see what it was like and then we were out last night at friends. Also had a massage and i'm feeling pretty good over all. Oh your follies grow an average of 1-2mm/day if that helps you out any. The rest of the info the girls provided i say ditto to it!!


Mega - December 2

JenG--I'd say go for it Saturday! You never see your DH these days & 3-4 days or so til ER is enough time to replenish the swimmers but you've got to consider how many follies you have cooking down there. That's a LOT of swelling on your poor ovaries. My RE at least told me when I was stimming, after CD 7 or so not to have sex until the beta or the 1st U/S. But I'd suggest asking your RE's opinion, maybe you'll get okay for a "conjugal" visit. Just my opinion. Tink--We'd love to have you post here now even though you're not quite ready for IVF. I'm doing okay, thanks for asking. Robyn--Yay, glad the play & your DS's debut went well. I'm good thanks...Isa--A massage, nice. Good for you. That's interesting about unplugging the pad first. Hormones huh? Weird. Thanks for that info. Poker night sounds fun. Do you ever join in? I love poker, though I'm not exactly a poker pro. Well have a great weekend ladies.


isa - December 2

Mega re do i join in on the poker -nope. I don't really know how to play. I can count to 21 and know what each card is but other than that i wouldnt have a clue using the chips and betting and splitting -not my cup of tea. I told them i was challenging them tonight and since it is world's aids day that they I challenged them to donate 10% of the winnings of each pot (or however they do it) to our friend's HIV/Aid's clinic in Malawi and they all said sure. So I was very happy they said they would do that :)


Galina - December 2

Heather, GREAT news on your beta!!! I am so happy for you!!


esmerelda - December 2

Hi Ladies, Congrats to all who are pregnant, I hope this will be a great thread for us all. I just started the BCP, but I dont see the nurse on Dec 11, when do I start LUPron after that, I am just on day two of the BCP can someone clear this up thanks


ROBYN - December 2

Good morning girls Esmeralda around day 21 of your BCP you should be starting Lupron. Anyway nothing exciting here to report just still unpacking boxes from when we moved and trying to clean up the garage so we can actually use it instead of storing boxes in it. Anyway I will check in later.


cmelissa - December 2

Hey Ladies - HEATHER looks like i owe you a big congrats!! I still need to go read the other thread but i hadnt had time to check in the last 2 days!!! Anyways I had a follie check yesterday and another one today! Yesterday my lining was around 12.4 so thats really good and my e2 around 1216 and lots of follies - my nurse said i'm doing much better reacting to the meds this cycle so thats great! Today I had 12 follies that were bigger ones and then 13 under 10, i go back in tomorrow for another follie check. Looks like my ER will be on the 6th or 7th now! Waiting to hear back my e2 levels today! How is everyone else doing - fill me in did I miss anything? Mega how are you doing?? Robyn this week is the big week right for the beta!! Are you excited!! Also i went to the acupunture appt, unsure if i liked it or not?? Also i found out my insurance doesnt cover it now so it would be really expensive to continue going. So what's everyone have planned for the holidays and new years????


cmelissa - December 2

Jen just read the old thread - your ER is a day before mine!! Looks like we will get to be in the 2ww together!! Great follie counts too!!


ROBYN - December 2

MEL - congrats on the appts they sound like everything is much better this time. Follies sound great. Yes this week is my week Thursday is the day and you will be going on your E/R those days. So I dont know if i am excited just nervous I am preparing for the worse so I can get ready to deal with it. Sorry if I sound negative but its the way I am feeling right now. We were unpacking boxes a little while ago and I got like a sharp pain on my right side thats still a little dull so I hope I didnt hurt myself or someone else anyway what ever happens happens thats the way I will think about this all week. At least it will be my days off on thurs and fri next week so I will either be happiest I have been or miserable and I will getting the bottle of wine ready anyway will check in later.


esmerelda - December 3

Thanks for the info, DONT LIFT ANYTHING HEAVY, we dont want anything to happen to the baby/babies.
I think you will have a BFP on Thursday.
take care , bye



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