Dear COL - Don't give up! & Val - HELP !!!!!!!!
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Sann - July 1

Oh! Dearest COL ... I love you girls too and appreciate the both of you "chasing after me" from post to post and board to board : ) I know this journey of ttc .... it's frustrating, stressful and straining both mentally and physically. It's just your hormones causing you to feel this way. Heyyy!!!! I know you're a woman of strength and preservance. My heart aches when I read your latest post ... you're been a pillar of strength to us, pls don't crumble. It's saddens me hearing you say the words .... giving up. I feel this way all the time too and you have given me tonnes encouragement to press on. I wish I can give you a big hug right now. You can a break from trying but don't say you're going to give up! I know ... you must be exhausted lately, with the moving, your papers and ttc, all happening concurrently . COL.... rest if you need to but don't give up!!!! I sure you'll feel better ... it's definitely your "hormones talking" and not you : ) You have been through so much in life and ttc, you made it this far .... no reason and cause for you not to carry on : ) PLS CHEERRRR UPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! All of us .... feel this way at some point during our cycle. Val - HELP ME OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeee! cheer her up. Pleaseeeee!!!! tell her, we feel the same way too at some point. We are humans after all .... it's perfectly OK to feel tried and just take a break for just a little while. Girls ... hear from you soon. My prayers will be with you. God Bless : ) : ) : )


Val - July 2

hi ladies... sorry for the delayed response... COL, sorry you are feeling so down. I totally understand how you feel... I was feeling really bitter and depressed a couple of months back and was just not happy. I think that deciding to see the specialist and also just deciding that I needed to change my outlook both helped me get out of my funk. I'm really close to my dad and he reminded me of something he has always said - that I have control over how I react to things. I know it's hard to believe when hormones and ttc are getting you down, but I really think he's right. If taking a break is what you need to do to regain your balance, then that is what you should do. But just know that you are not alone, and that we are totally here for you when you need to vent. SANN, re: your post from 7/1... sorry your relatives were so cruel. Some people really just don't get it. How presumptuous of them to talk with you that way. I understand the cultural issue with "respecting" your elders... I'm half Colombian and I still have a difficult time whenever my mother and I disagree (which is most of the time!) because it was drilled into me not to "talk back". Kind of ridiculous at age 36, but that training is difficult to ignore. If that happens again, can you say that it's too painful to discuss? Would they get the hint and leave you alone? re: travelling with dh... I do sometimes. I did go down to California with him last Friday. But it's hard because of all the animals we have on our farm and because of my teaching schedule... can't just up and leave or we lose income/have to pay someone to watch the dogs and farm animals. Happily, dh came home a day early yesterday, so we got some good time in ;-) Not sure what's up with this cycle... my temps still don't seem to have risen. So I'm back to being hopeful. Did I tell you both that my friend sent me some fertility meditation tapes? I'm going to try to listen to them today... I'll let you know what I think about them. I know it really helped my friend when she was having trouble ttc. Sann, I'm not scheduled to see my RE again until the 3 clomid cycles are done. So probably not until September or so. Hopefully I won't need to go back... Have to get some stuff done around the house now... hope you both are doing ok... hugs....



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