dealing with fertile mertile!
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sandra - February 4

Do any of you guys have a friend who is always getting pregnant at times you think you are and then find out you're not? It hurts to fake their happiness sometimes and act like it doesn't bother you, does it not?


Megan - February 4

Oh yes, I SO know what you're talking about! It recently happened to me! I've been ttc for 2 years, and a friend of mine just started to ttc 3 months ago, and on month 3 she got preggo! I was SO envious because she is also 4 years younger than me so she really could have waited still, but she was the one who fell pregnant. I genuinely was happy for her, but it just emphasized my sadness. But in the meantime she miscarried, and although I once again felt very sorry for her, somewhere deep inside it made me feel a little better, because I would rather not conceive than conceiving and losing it. I think that is much worse!! I know I must sound like such a mean person, but I have reached a point where I am so desperate to have my own little baby now, I'm not thinking straight anymore. I am really battling to not be envious of women who seem to just fall pregnant at the click of a finger. WHY NOT ME TOO??????? Anyway, so I know how you must be feeling, I think it's human to feel that way. Good luck Sandra!


Cleo - February 4

Megan & Sandra, I know just how you feel. Today a friend of mine told me that she got pregnant even though she had the loop. And EVERYONE else is getting pregnant. There are seven ladies in one of our departments at work that are pregnant. And here's me, trying hard not be angry, frustrated and sad. Sometimes I just feel my hope dying. Good luck to both of you.


sandra - February 4

Thank you guys for being honest. I really want my friend to have a healthy pregnancy (its her thrid) I just hate knowing how she'll remind me every time we talk and about her baby plans. I guess I should think of all the things I have to be thankful for, as chessey as that sounds!!


Longing4Baby - February 5

I too have baby envy! The thing that gets to me most of all is when those who are conceiving are not even trying or planning or don't even want a child. That happened to my sister-in-law with her first and a friend of mine with her first. Now my sister-in-law has two children and my friend is pregnant with her second. And the sad thing is that I have gotten to the point where I can't even talk to my friend because it makes me so sad that she is pregnant and I am not. Again, I feel like a horrible person for having these feelings, but I guess that is what envy will do! I am happy for both all of the blessings that my sister-in-law and friend have received in their lives, but I'm SO ready for a little blessing of my own!



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