Days of taking Clomid
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Samantha - March 23

Does anyone know the correct days for taking Clomid. I just started my first cycle and I take it days 3-7. I just want what are the correct days to take it and why?


luna - March 23

Samantha different docs prescribe for different days. I was told the earlier in your cycle you take it the more chance you have of having a multi birth. But I was also told that this could happened anyway as clomid stimulates your overies to produce eggs. I took mine day 2 till day 6 and I feel pg on my first course. This unfortunatley isn't the way for everyone. Now I'm just praying I make it past 12wks. Good luck and don' t worry you doc must think these days are good for you. Also why are you taking it ?


Renee - March 24

My doctor is having me take it on days 3-7 also.


rebecca - March 24

I take it days 2-6


michelle - March 24

i took it days 2-6 and also have fallen on first cycle and had two follicles about to release 2 eggs... so maybe this is true...scan in 2 weeks so will soon see!!! x


jb - March 24

i was told to takeit days 2-6 got scared and took it on day 3 instead xxx Everyone is told diff days xx


Samantha - March 24

Luna, the reason why I am taking Clomid is because I am not ovulating. We have one child now and we are trying for another.However, we have been trying for a year and half.



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