Day 3 ultrasound tomorrow.. what can I expect???
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Carole - May 30

Good Morning Ladies! I am on cd 2 today and have to go in for ultrasound tomorrow for day 3 tests. I am assuming they will do blood work to test hormone levels. Exactly what will they look for and what will they test if anyone can give me good idea. I haven't been on injectibles for 5 years but natural, clomid, femara not working. We are going to do injectibles and iui this time around. Thanks for the info!


Sara - June 6

Hi, I'm curious too. My dh and i are statring IUI soon. I have to go in on cd3 for bloodwork to check hormone levels. If anyone can give us any info that would be great. Thanks.


aish - June 6

On day 3 they did my blood work to know whether i am pg or not so that they can prescribe me clomid& even i thot they will do my blood work for hormone level ....(i did in shady grove,VA may be ur doc will do ur hormone level check)and also they did U/S to check my ovaries whether evrything is alright to start the IUi ...then they will call u in the afternoon & let u know whether u can start taking clomid ...or not....U have to take inj classaslo ,how to give injection ...i did ....All th best to CArole& sara


Sara - June 6

Hi Carole, How long have you been ttc? For me its been 3 long yrs. I'm kind of excited to be starting IUI. At least there's still a chance I can get pregnant.



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